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QuESt “Days Before Searching Sylvan”

We’re literally days before Searching Sylvan so QuESt reminds us why we should tune in on September 2nd with a new freestyle titled, well, “Days Before Searching Sylvan”. Straight rhymes over a merely complimentary production so we get caught up in QuESt’s ear-catching delivery and furious bars. I’m rockin’ with this one on first run-thru (going on second…)

*Tibs Fav.

Related: The image above is the final cover for Searching Sylvan — a clever mix of the previous single art, if you’ve been paying attention.


QuESt “Hunger” (prod. 6ix)

QuESt‘s early week offerings of Searching Sylvan continue this week with one of his best: “Hunger”, where he once again links up with 6ix on the production. The latter is superb, with the cinematic feel letting QuESt deliver his story from second one. We get fast flows from QuESt too and it’s hard not to be engaged from the first bar and all the way through to the end. I’m not crazy on the pseudo hook that appears twice, but it’s necessary and I knew the verses are what were going to be the main highlight. Searching Sylvan drops September 2nd.

*Tibs Fav.

OH, I forgot to mention. Love the vintage nod to HHH in the cover art.

QuESt “Struggle Rapper” f/ Melat

QuESt continues his weekly releases en route to Searching Sylvan and “Struggle Rapper” also continues with the personal, storytelling theme of the project thus far. After winning a contest hosted by Jermaine Dupri, QuESt dives into his mindset at the lowest point of his career. It’s a never-ending stream of consciousness across a brooding beat by Wish Lade & 6ix. No hooks. Just the story. And I co-sign tracks like this if they’re well-executed like “Struggle Rapper” is. It’s hard not to feel engaged by the story and then rise to inspiration given QuESt’s momentum to break through as a rapper. I tried not to get caught up in the flow because I don’t think it was QuESt’s intention to fluidly ride with the beat the entire time. It’s all about the lyrics so lend a close ear below.

*Tibs Fav.

ICYMI: QuESt “Lost N****s”

QuESt “Lost Niggas”

Just 10 days after releasing “Automatic,” QuESt comes back with a brand new single off his upcoming project, ‘Searching Sylvan.’ Produced by VMG mate 6ix, “Lost Niggas” is another part of Q’s story and features QuESt portraying a character that existed in real life. Although guns and gats are all over this record, in no way or form does QuESt condone violence of any kind, nor does he encourage violent behavior. So don’t get it twisted, but do enjoy an awesome story told in a way only a great MC could tell.

Searching Sylvan‘ drops September 2nd.

QuESt “Automatic”

“Automatic” is the second preview of the upcoming free album, Searching Sylvan, and off the bat, I’m already vibing with this one more than the solid first output “May 10th 2012”. The song is broken into two parts — the first finds QuESt rhyming from second 1 over an eerie string melody for about two-thirds of the way through. He does an excellent job sharing his mindset about his personal situation with his family and musically and croons a simple and catchy hook about having patience and that nothing is “Automatic”.  I think many of us, including yours truly, can parallel to this theme.

The second part of the song, the last third, is a continuation of “Automatic” with a completely different, equally as cool of a production. Megatron ICE & 6ix really snapped from beginning to end on this, even chopping up the outro. Before that though, QuESt puts down a different fast flow and continues to engage with the rhymes. A *Tibs Fav. from beginning to end with more to come before the album drops in full on September 2nd.