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QuESt “May 10th, 2012” (prod. 6ix)

As hinted at during yesterday’s release of the Searching Sylvan trailer, here goes the 1st preview of QuESt‘s upcoming project as he keeps the production in-house with VMG’s 6ix providing the jazzy tune. I was surprised to hear that sound for QuESt after being so familiar with his previous work and beats. It’s cool to see him take that next step; I just think he rode the rhythm even smoother when the beat mellowed out after the first break in the music with his girlfriend.

So that’s my first impression of the single sonically as lyrically, QuESt begins to tell his journey that hit a low point on “May 10th, 2012”. He and his dad were evicted as QuESt raps the whole story, and what it did to his mindset as he was still comin’ up as an emcee. At the very least, I feel like the casual hip hop head will appreciate this approach and I think it was a successful one. I feel this song will get more plays as we see it fit into the context of Searching Sylvan; I’m really intrigued how the story will pick up where it leaves off at the end of the track. Listen all the way through for yourselves below:


QuESt ‘Searching Sylvan’ [Trailer]

After touring non-stop with Logic the past year, QuESt is ready to drop his next project, Searching Sylvan. The first preview of the project is a trailer describing its concept and I’m resonating with the theme that Searching Sylvan will surround: the journey from hitting rock-bottom to holding onto that dream and the rise towards achieving it. QuESt describes it best himself above.

Come back to these pages tomorrow when we’ll post his first single to the project: “May 10th, 2012” produced by 6ix.

QuESt, Castro, Jon Bellion, & Logic “24 Freestyle”

Thanks to VMG for providing my Monday with the fire it needs to cool off the return of #ChiBeria. The Logic-led group of artists have all made their own individual moves in 2013 and are now prime to make a splash as a stable in 2014. It’s tracks like these that’ll certainly contribute.

Logic celebrates his 24th birthday with this free release, bringing together QuESt, Castro, and Jon Bellion to spit some raps before he puts the track in a hearse. QuESt sets the tone over another hot production from in-house producer 6ix (I love the loop here) and the Miami emcee has his usual fast pace and set of double meanings you have to run back. Castro brings me back to his ridiculous feature on Logic’s “Ballin'” with a similar effort here. Jon Bellion, “The Monster” chorus songwriter, sets aside the harmonizing for some rapping as well. He holds his own as the bridge to Logic, who kicks off his verse with the line from the chorus. I like when rappers do that and it was well-executed here.

The “24 Freestyle” is a no doubt *Tibs Fav. and another one to add to the library on top of QuESt’s new solo track last week (below).

ICYMI: QuESt “Fuck You Mean” (prod. 6ix)

QuESt “Fuck You Mean” (prod. 6ix)

The new VMG signee is back with his first release of 2014 as QuESt links up with in-house beatsmith (and one of my favorite new producers) 6ix for “Fuck You Mean”. From the first second, the Miami emcee turns up his signature break-neck flow. This one isn’t just raps though; the flows, extra layers on the vocals, and  variety of deliveries really stand out on the first listen. I sense even more of a technical complexity from QuESt as a longtime listener. Matching that complexity is the beat itself: 6ix masterfully puts in some strings, which were the subtle highlight for me during QuESt’s verses (the piercing outro is up there too).

Listen below, the run it back, because this is the type of fast-paced lyrical song that you need to digest more than once.

*Tibs Fav.