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Tinker Hatfield talks Kobe IX Elite

Legendary Air Jordan shoe designer Tinker Hatfield is simply one of the most inspiring designers for me personally. In fact, I did a presentation on him when I got my architecture degree (the path Hatfield also chose in college). Got an A on it, too!

But naturally, I’m curious about any new interview with Hatfield and today, I get to catch up with his new multi-part sit-down with Complex’s Quickstrike (Russ Bengtson & DJ Clark Kent) at Nike HQ.

Part 4, above, shows the roundtable talking about the beautiful Kobe IX, with perhaps the juiciest tidbit being Hatfield’s desire to have worked on a shoe like the Kobe IX. It’s cool to see the peer-to-peer respect at the table throughout.

The timing of seeing this is crazy too. I was ballin’ last nite in some old D. Rose’s and decided I’m in the market for some new sneaks. My close friend G is a loyal customer of the Kobe line since the 3s and swears by the Kobe 9s as the best one yet. So now I’m seriously pondering the brand switch (I’m a loyal adidas and D. Rose fan) as well as the switch from hi tops to the more affordable lows. Having said that, I’m becoming increasingly sold, especially after seeing the interview above.

You know I had to screencap the cool blueprint too.
You know I had to screencap the cool blueprint too.