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Legion of Dudez [Radio DePaul Interview]

Thursday morning we had LOD [Legion of Dudez] swing by Radio DePaul for an interview. We had Blakkass Westley, Supa BWE, Auggie The 9th, Cadillac Duke, and ShowYouSuck bless us with their time and the show was definitely one of our most fun shows. We had an onslaught of premiered exclusives from Cadillac Duke, Auggie The 9th, and ShowYouSuck. We also had various hilarious calls answered as well as a real dope cipher that illustrated how fun these guys are. As an advocate for the Legion of Dudez I can honestly say that they have always been a humble group of guys that have gone out of their way to make sure that they treat others around them like family. They are individuals and humans first, artists second, and you definitely get that within the interactions anyone has had with them at any venue or any meeting you may have with them. Great dudes, making great music, and having a lot of fun at it, that’s what describes LOD.


Radio Show [Full]:

Cadillac Duke Exclusive [Smooth II & By Any Means]:

ShowYouSuck Exclusive [#RADFLOOD]

LOD Cipher

Side note:We apologize for the first instrumental. We didnt notice that the instrumental was louder.