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Krewella settles lawsuit with Rain Man, talks women in EDM with Forbes

In a new sitdown with Forbes on the set of their new music video for “Somewhere To Run”, the sisters of Krewella not only share their behind the scenes approach to the no-budget video, but also reveal that they’re lawsuit drama with Rain Man is now settled: numbers disclosed. It’s great that that chapter is behind them with “Say Goodbye” being the deepest Krewella has addressed it in either song or interview.

You can also see Jahan and Yasmine talk about the stereotypes of being women in EDM and the music industry, which unfortunately came at them viciously in the wake of the lawsuit news last September.

Watch/read the full piece here.

“It’s important to recognize that there is still certain stereotypes,” said Jahan, 25. “There are so many rumors that go around still–if there’s a woman that’s successful it’s because… she slept with this person or she bought her way into this rather than her just having talent.”

“We need to change the dialogue to make it OK for women to try the same exact things that men are,” said Yasmine, 23. “I think in time you’ll see an equal amount of women on these lineups.”


Krewella’s Jahan Yousaf on cyber-bullying

Jahan has broken her silence on the Rain Man lawsuit and in the process made an important statement on modern-day societial issues, especially when it comes to cyber-bullying and sexism.

I thought it was especially powerful given the intense criticism her and her sister Yasmine received after Rain Man’s lawsuit went public. Here’s a couple snippets of the op-ed piece Jahan wrote for Billboard, titled ‘Deadmau5 Saved Me From Going Into Porn’.

This isn’t just about deadmau5 or porn. It’s about sex, media and humanity. After 10 months of being removed from social media, this highly publicized lawsuit has lured me out of my cave. “Highly publicized,” meaning it was embarrassingly the No. 1 trending topic on Facebook, disseminated by TMZ, and received coverage by almost every single dance music blog. I did not participate or respond to the Krewella breakup chatter. I just stalked the fuck out of myself, read comments, and played the voyeur like Peeping Tom. Can someone please create an algorithm for how many times the words “whore” and “krewella” are used in the same sentence online?? These are just a few of the hundreds I collected:

Some of you are probably laughing at these comments, as I did at first. But hell, I can’t even fake a smile right now. This sickens me, because the way we participate in Internet dialogue mirrors our attitude as a society. And what I see in that reflection is an immense amount of hatred and intolerance for one another. It’s time to smash the fuckin’ mirror. I have been silent for too long. I am relapsing after avoiding social media to share what I have learned and to encourage people to challenge and question what they read/hear/see from now on, and that goes for situations beyond our case, whether it’s politics or celebrity gossip. The sad part is that it is 2014, and people are still passively reading headlines for face value, parroting the words of celebrities, and jumping on the bandwagon of popular opinion. I don’t see enough people challenging the intolerance that deadmau5 preaches to his 3 million followers, researching beyond the headlines they read, or protesting against the derogatory dialogue that circulates on social networks.

Jahan also addresses her one-time relationship with Rain Man and overall, shares how her personal experiences and examples can serve for improvement and inspiration to the young generations in this digital information age. The entire piece is a well-written, important read here.

ICYMI: Krewella “Say Goodbye”

Krewella “Say Goodbye”

Much has been said, assumed, and unfortunately concluded about Krewella’s much-publicized split last month when DJ/producer Rain Man sued sisters Jahan & Yasmine for $5 million dollars.

The sisters have remained silent beyond a statement that basically said, we can’t talk now because it’s a legal matter but we can’t wait for our side of the story to tell the truth. Over the weekend, that changed, somewhat, as a counter-suit against Rain Man was made public on Friday and tonight: the release of their new single “Say Goodbye”.

Yazzy and Jahan let their music do the talking and boy, does this song talk loud above.

“Say Goodbye” clearly addresses the fallout and displays the distraught, disheartening, and angry emotions that the ladies have been feeling. The verses expound on what the chorus says:

it still kills me
that I can’t change things
but I’m still dreaming
I’ll rewrite the ending
so you’ll take back the lies
before we say our goodbyes, say our goodbyes

It’s not only the in-your-face statement, but the way it’s delivered in such a catchy fashion that I’ve had this on repeat tonight purely because of this chorus. Krewella goes with a new sound as well — a pop/punk, drum & bass fusion with a frenetic pace that especially compliments the “one word before I break” last verse perfectly. Whoo, that last line is an experience I don’t want to spoil for you.

By now, you can surely guess I enjoyed this and I hope you’re pressing play. And hey, you know what they say, sometimes the dark times inspire the most amazing art. I feel the rawness and realness in “Say Goodbye” and no doubt, that authenticity is what helps take this song to the next level for me. I look forward to what Jahan and Yasmine will have to say in interviews or how they see fit eventually, but to hear it poured out in the music tells a lot about their emotions and mindset already. I was naturally raising my eyebrow at the Rain Man lawsuit when it came out, just based on knowing all 3 of them to a certain extent over the years. It was disheartening to see some of their fans dismiss the old adage that “there’s 2 sides to every story” and attack the sisters for what was said, especially when something this accusatory really deserves that other side to at least be heard. Once again, in due time, as “Say Goodbye” is a loud first indicator.

“Say Goodbye” is also my pick for my song/post of the night — a busy and entertaining one that included the AMAs, Lil Wayne’s new single, Odell Beckham’s catch of the year, and Waka Flocka’s commercial for cough drops. Peruse the homepage for all that and more.

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Krewella hints at new music, plans to fight Rain Man lawsuit

Krewella’s silence since the top of October when the trio-now-duo’s former DJ/producer Rain Man sued sisters Jahan & Yasmine Yousaf is now over.

Rain Man’s lawsuit on the sisters was for a whopping $5 million and put his former groupmates in a terrible light for alleged mistreatment. Yasmine wrote a heartfelt open letter to her fans saying they couldn’t yet share their side of the story due to the legal mess, but appreciated the support and those who didn’t rush to judgment.

That was review. Now on Sunday, it looks like Yazzy & Jahan are speaking out… because it says so on their Twitter. I’ma tune in.

They are also fighting the lawsuit with a counter-suit of their own against Rain Man deeming his actions were “grossly negligent” and he had “violated his duty of care to Krewella Music LLC.” More details, including a claim that Kris was “pretending to DJ”, are here.

Adding to the intrigue was their updated profile pictures on social media yesterday. The Krew went all-black with this first square image, cleverly reading “Say Goodbye” (clean! Turn up the brightness on your screen if you are lost…) and perhaps debuting a new logo.



However it turns out, I know it’ll be for the best and we at Gowhere sincerely extend our support for peace between parties and fulfillment in their music careers and lives. We remember the Krew from the beginning here in Chicago so no doubt this turn of events was heart-wrenching for us and their legions of fans alike.

Ending things on a lighthearted/happy note, I discovered this GIF while searching for an image of Yazzy and Jahan, ha!

Krewella “We Are One (Nomero Remix)”

Late pass but it’s too good not to leave it off this weekend’s playlists. One of Krewella‘s most influential records, “We Are One”, got this nifty remix by Nomero out of the U.K. — winning a Krewella remix competition late last year. The production before the vocals come in, especially immediately before, is especially on point.

And if I’m not mistaken, the Krew rocks this version during their live sets as it has a familiarity to me after seeing them as one of the Lollapalooza headliners last month. Whatever the case, this is a dope energetic twist on the already energetic single and it’s better late than never. Listen and enjoy tonite, tomorrow nite, and beyond..!

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Almost forgot! To our lovely Vegas readers, I’m sure you’ve seen the billboards along The Strip, but if you haven’t… tomorrow (Saturday) night’s the nite… Krewella @ Light.