Rapsody “The Man”

One of Rapsody’s most powerful singles gets a new video release this week, on the heels of her being the lone rap feature on the (arguable) frontrunner for Rap Album of the Year, To Pimp A Butterfly.

With Cam Be at the helm, you know you’re in for some crispy shots and that’s certainly the case here as a variety of scenes play out the lyrics that Rapsody recites to the camera. Great cityscape shots throughout too. Open your eyes and ears to Rapsody’s anthem for young men growing up without fathers, “The Man”, up above.

Rapsody “Godzilla”

Rapsody and Jamla Records invaded South Africa not too long ago and one of the results of the trip is this new music video for “Godzilla”, directed by Cam Be.

Cam kills it from the opening frame with a timelapse of the entire flight from the States to Africa. Whaaaat! I had to run it back already.

The video then proceeds with a mix of clips from Rapsody’s sold-out performance, meeting new fans, and action shots amidst the daylight and culture. See if you can catch every slick NBA reference in the rhymes as well. Very cool, all the way around.

Rapsody “Drama” (dir. Cam Be)

The latest Jamla release was Rapsody’s new EP, Beauty and the Beast, and to continue to promote that project, she drops the video for “Drama” today, shot by our longtime collaborator Cam Be. Rapsody gets crewed up for the video and spits an abundance of slick nods to famous figures along the way. Her sports allusions in the 2nd verse really got me. The video features all-centered looks at Rapsody, either individually or with her crew. The editing nicely turns up a notch at the end so press play and keep an eye and ear open all the way through.