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Anthony Davis Coming Home Pt. 1

Last month, Jabari Parker almost made it 3 #1 overall picks from Chicago since 2007 (Parker went #2 to Milwaukee). The other two: well, you should know them by now. The Bulls’ Derrick Rose and the Pelicans all-star/gold medalist Anthony Davis.

I caught this part 1 of a 3-part documentary series on Anthony Davis coming home to Chicago for the Red Bull Reign tournament later this month. This quick viewing does an excellent job bouncing from Davis’ reflection of growing up in Inglewood, to his community work, and even his favorite places to shop and eat Chicago-style pizza. What stood out to me was also the quality b-roll that went into just this first episode. Really captured the beauty, and hustle and bustle of Chicago.

Only 1 problem though: Davis admits he’s a Green Bay Packers fan. Whaat!

h/t SLAM | More info on the tournament here