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Lykke Li and A$AP Rocky “No Rest For The Wicked” Remix

Bitter, broken, and beaten, Lykke Li and A$AP Rocky reminds us all in “No Rest For The Wicked” why love fucking sucks sometimes. Don’t let the premise fool you. For those who are fans of Lykke, you know her remixes always go hard. With names like Drake, Tyler The Creator, and QuESt remixing her jams, Lykke is definitely not like the other regular ass females from Sweden (but shout out to Sweden though, y’all hold me down with your Potato casseroles).

What makes this jam so appealing are the artists themselves. The best of both worlds wrapped up in one, A$AP’s smooth flow and Lykke’s eerie vocals had me before the 0:50 second mark. Starting the song with a spoken word, A$AP gets real with his past experiences with love (referencing his past relationship for Iggy Azalea perhaps?) And when I mean he gets real, I mean he says what we all feel when we realize we let the right person go.

By recognizing the love he and many others had and fucked up, A$AP echoes the truth of choosing pride over love while Lykke calls us out by basically saying (in a poetic way) how our selfish decisions will FUCK US UP for real. Alright, maybe not really call us out but really make us examine how stupid we can be with relationships.

Regardless of which end of the spectrum you’re in, this song is definitely worth a listen. With her album, I Never Learn, coming out May 5, this track is just a small piece of what Lykke is bringing to the table. With a 3 year hiatus, I’m excited to cop her album and ponder all my past trifling ways. Maybe I’ll channel those emotions and ghost write for Drake or any of my emotional thugs out there.

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