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Robert Glasper “The Worst” Live Cover

Robert Glasper, anything, is pretty much a must-see and for a preview to his and the Trio’s upcoming project, Covered, he and his band mates hit the legendary Capitol Records in L.A. for their cover of Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst”.

It’s an instantly recognizable song due to its melody so this was a success with the subtle live touches Glasper and the Trio put down. It did really make me want to hear Aiko herself sing over this version. I’m sure that’ll happen someday, though.

Quick Chicago connection: Glasper reppin’ the classic Enstrumental Rap – Lies = Hip Hop tee.

And finally, here’s the intriguing tracklist to Covered, dropping June 16th.

1. Introduction
2. I Don’t Even Care (Robert Glasper/Macy Gray/Jean Grae)
3. Reckoner (Radiohead)
4. Barangrill (Joni Mitchell)
5. In Case You Forgot (Robert Glasper)
6. So Beautiful (Musiq Soulchild)
7. The Worst (Jhené Aiko)
8. Good Morning (John Legend)
9. Stella By Starlight (Victor Young)
10. Levels (Bilal)
11. Got Over feat. Harry Belafonte (Robert Glasper/Harry Belafonte)
12. I’m Dying of Thirst (Kendrick Lamar)


Robert Glasper f/ Common & Patrick Stump “I Stand Alone”

Probably my favorite track off Robert Glasper’s Black Radio 2 album this past year was “I Stand Alone”. Common laced poetic verses with his fellow Chicago musician, Patrick Stump, singing a soulful hook. The feel-good vibes translate in the all-new visuals above — cooly color-corrected and highlighting the individualism the song promotes. In fact, that’s how it starts…

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.44.29 PM

So if you’re still sleeping, embrace standing alone and enjoy your new soundtrack above! Dave Chappelle also cameos.

*Tibs Fav.

h/t OKP

Lupe Fiasco & Robert Glasper ‘Blue Note 75’

Here’s your soothing Monday morning soundtrack ladies and gents. Last week, Lupe Fiasco & Robert Glasper graced the Blue Note Records 75th anniversary concert in L.A. and provided 27 minutes of continuous jazz with some classic and freestyle rhymes courtesy of Lupe spliced in.

First and foremost, Lupe & Glasper are a connection that I hope just continues throughout the rest of their careers. We all know about Lupe by now, but if you’re still sleeping on Glasper, his soulful, jazzy style is brilliantly on display on his Black Radio and Black Radio 2 albums and it comes to life in all of these live recordings or videos that I come across over the years. This is obviously no different as he finds an instant medium with Lu as they start the impromptu set with “Always Shine”.

The set also contains Lupe running through “Dumb It Down” at the 9 min. mark (it’s been awhile since I’ve personally heard this, and boy was it refreshing over the jazz instead of the thumping beat of the original) and “Kick, Push” at the 18 min. mark. In between and afterwards features some quick raps truly off the dome from Lu (15 and 22 min. mark) and some short to medium instrumental solos to perfectly balance things out. Once again, you can’t go wrong above to start out your work week on an enriching note.

*Tibs Fav.