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Krewella “Somewhere To Run”

Here’s the Krew at their rawest and realest as earlier today, they released their new video for lead single “Somewhere To Run”, shot in their new second home of Las Vegas. The City of Sins is actually the perfect and engaging backdrop for these sisters to literally run in and out of casinos and the Fremont Street Experience on a whim.

The video was shot guerilla style by their go to director Rory Kramer so the visuals have some crisp, yet chaotic clips. I enjoyed this style for this single and it’s made even better because Jahan and Yasmine show their fun oddball side throughout. You even get some #LoveWins imagery along the way too. Props to the Krew, Kramer, and Th3rd Brain as always, and peep the sisters’ message on the video below.



Krewella “Somewhere to Run (Live Lyric Video)”

Krewella’s new single “Somewhere to Run” gets the new, unique video treatment by combining dynamic, pro live footage with a lyric video. Adding to the personal touch is that it’s actually Yazzy’s handwriting and the footage overall is captured brilliantly by Rory Kramer on stage at Ultra last month in Miami. Some of those shots with the Miami skyline and sea of people in the background are breathtaking. Same goes for some of the brief slow-mo cuts of the energy Krewella brings to the stage.

Lookin’ forward to more new music from the ladies as they are also starting to do more spot dates in Vegas this month (including tonight and on May 30th at Omnia at the Caesar’s.)

*Tibs Fav.

Krewella premieres “Somewhere To Run” in Vegas

Lucky visitors of Caesar’s Palace’s new nightclub, Omnia, got the first listen of Krewella’s new single “Somewhere To Run” this weekend.

Now we do too as, courtesy of the ladies and Rory Kramer, we get a super cool video that teases the single and shows Yasmine and Jahan on stage and in a funny moment backstage. “Somewhere To Run” has a strong hook and a clear pop crossover just before the sick drop… well, drops. Lookin’ forward to the full version. On top of that, Omnia looks v legit. Guess I’m going to have to make a stop there next time I’m in Vegas.

Watch above and keep it locked tomorrow for the single’s official release!

Via @CaseyDiedrick
Via @CaseyDiedrick

Krewella “Human” LIVE f/ Charlie Kim

“Human” is probably the most emotional song by Chicago trio Krewella. In fact, if you caught the official music video to the Get Wet single, eliminate the word ‘probably’ in that last sentence (I gotchu below, if you didn’t).

Now adding to the case is an official live acoustic version of “Human” featuring Charlie Kim on guitar and the Krewella fans on background vocals. Seriously, what a harmonious mix of Jahan, Yasmine, and the fans singing note for note that creates a moment that we can feel just watching it through the computer screen (or iPhone. Whattup mobile users?).

I can only imagine the experience in person. Watch above and also treat yourself to some intimate visuals of the performance to appropriately match, shot once again by Rory Kramer (is that a GoPro on the guitar? Nice.) Enjoy!


ICYMI: Krewella “Party Monster” [Music Video] (BTS)

Krewella “Party Monster” (BTS)

Krewella dropped this cool behind the scenes look at the “Party Monster” video as videographer Rory Kramer cuts up scenes from their nighttime Hollywood Hills shoot (where Yasmine holds a rattlesnake?!) with the next day’s shots of professional drivers drifting around the Krew. The sisters show their personality in this one that’s filled with wonderfully shot footage (like the GoPros on the drifts) presented by TH3RD Brain Management.

ICYMI: Watch the final product! Krewella “Party Monster” [Music Video]