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Andrew Wiggins vs. Rudy Gobert

Last night in the NBA served up some great highlights… leading off with Andrew Wiggins serving up The Stifle Tower, Rudy Gobert…

Not once…


But twice…


And this second time was about as great of a posterization as we’ve seen this season.

But it wasn’t over.

Many people will simply gravitate towards the impressive Wiggins stuffs, but fail to recognize when the big guy gets his redemption. For Rudy Gobert, that was sweet enough to match the flexing Wiggins did after his second dunk.


Guys, there’s now reason to look forward to a budding Timberwolves-Jazz rivalry for years to come.

I say this in half-jest because both teams aren’t very close to the playoffs this year, but at the same time, both teams legitimately have an exciting young core that is showing the promise of being something legitimate for years to come. As an NBA junkie, I’m… wait for it… legitimately excited.

If dunks and blocks at the rim aren’t your thing, then maybe Kyle Korver 3s are. Namely in the form of 11 points on 4 straight jumpers in 65 consecutive seconds. Unfortunately, Korver was on the line for one of the 4, but that doesn’t take away from how impressive this was. I love how by the 3rd one you can see how laser focused Korver is in getting the ball and it’s a real forgone conclusion after he lets it fire. The NBA, still amazing in March.

And finally, if dunks, blocks, or 3s aren’t your thing than that obviously leaves Mario Kart. Here’s the new T’Wolves’ version that makes you wish it was real.