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RZA to direct new ‘Spoken Word’ film

RZA’s newest film endeavor will involve more artists from the hip hop world and is directly connected to spoken word.

That’s because RZA is set to direct the film titled… wait for it… Spoken Word. Azealia Banks is set for the lead character, Coco, with Common and Jill Scott reportedly to star too. Here’s the premise, from the IMDB page. Sounding good!

Banks will play a fiery 20-something female rapper named Coco. Set in Brooklyn, the film documents her struggles in pursuing a career in hip-hop, while also attempting to fulfill her parent’s expectations of finishing college. Having returned to school, Coco soon discovers the vivid world and ultimate power of the spoken word, where she finds her one true voice and an unlikely love in the classroom.


Snoh Aalegra “Emotional”

Snoh Aalegra was one of my favorite new artists of 2014 and she has continued to impress into the new year with her only release — the official single produced by RZA, “Emotional”.

The music video naturally follows and Snoh plays the emotional spectrum part wonderfully as she bounces around a large, empty swimming pool. The black and white aesthetic really works as the video follows Snoh in other scenes along the railroad tracks in front of downtown L.A. for instance. Plus, the long hair is all over the place and the fashion on point to further represent the song. Here’s her comment on the video, which by the way, makes me enjoy the song even more.

*Tibs Fav.

This song is about heartbreak and frustration, of desperately wanting to love and to be loved back. I recently got out of a four year relationship and that’s been really rough. In this video, I’m letting all my emotions out.

h/t BlackBook

Wu-Tang Clan “Ruckus in B Minor”

NEW Wu! That alone incites an instant play and “Ruckus In B Minor” doesn’t disappoint. Produced by RZA & Rick Rubin, the beat sets the tone as I especially love the change-up when GZA transitions to RZA’s interlude. Probably my favorite part of a song that comes all the way correct. OH, and we are treated to a special intro from the late ODB. Press play and peruse the tracklist below.

A Better Tomorrow in stores December 2nd.

*Tibs Fav.

(Dirty Version)

1. “Ruckus In B Minor”
2. “Felt”
3. “40th Street Black / We Will Fight”
4. “Mistaken Identity”
5. “Hold the Heater”
6. “Crushed Egos”
7. “Keep Watch”
8. “Miracle”
9. “Preacher’s Daughter”
10. “Pioneer the Frontier”
11. “Necklace”
12. “Ron O’Neal”
13. “A Better Tomorrow”
14. “Never Let Go”
15. “Wu-Tang Reunion”

ICYMI: The ‘A Better Tomorrow’ GIF Cover

RZA freestyles in an interview

Now this is pretty cool. I was always secretly hoping in our interviews over the years that an artist would answer a question with a rap melody and make it a freestyle. It definitely hasn’t come close to how it happened for MTV above as RZA was telling a story about Inspectah Deck when asked about rap battles amongst the Clan, and then proceeded to freestyle. Man, you have to rewind this to truly understand the lyrical depth. Needless to say — a super fun watch above.

Slick move, RZA.

RZA reveals Wu-Tang album release date?

Each Wu-Boombot will be embedded with eight songs from A Better Tomorrow, two unavailable-on-album instrumentals, and an exclusive song, “Big Horn B,” in advance of the full-length release (which RZA says will be out by Black Friday). The product will only be sold by one retailer (Zumiez.com) nationwide; Boombotix execs say they are hoping to create a frenzy around the release equivalent to that of a new, limited-edition sneaker.

– RZA (to Billboard)

Whoa! So, will we see A Better Tomorrow by Black Friday? RZA indicates such, but as much talked about earlier this year, the 1 of 1 album looks like it’ll be the delivery plan… and sold at Zumiez? Hmmph. Well, until then, we still have “Ron O’Neal” to hold us over as more details assuredly shake out this Fall.