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Saigon ‘GSNT3’ (Album Stream)

Saigon’s Greatest Story Never Told series continues to be revealed as the 3rd installment and upcoming album, subtitled The Troubled Times Of Brian Carenard is now available for full stream below. Features from Just Blaze, Big Daddy Kane, Omar Epps, Lil Bibby, Memphis Bleek, Kool G Rap, Papoose, with production by DJ Premier. Available today and on Spotify now here:


Saigon f/ Big Daddy Kane “One Foot In The Door” (prod. DJ Premier)

“One Foot In The Door” begins with a throwback Jay Z co-sign that certainly hammers home that Sai has one foot in the door. Further solidifying that, his own hellacious rhymes that follow… then slick rhymes from the legendary Big Daddy Kane who sounds better as he rides to the, oh by the way, DJ Premier production. You can always bet on raw, quality rap from Saigon and GSNT3 is shaping up to not be an exception come September 30th.


ICYMI: Saigon f/ Memphis Bleek, Lil Bibby, & Kool G Rap “Mechanical Animals”

Saigon f/ Memphis Bleek, Lil Bibby & Kool G Rap “Mechanical Animals”

A two-part Saigon post with first, the track. “Mechanical Animals” features a mix of new school and old school with Bleek, Bibby, and Kool G assisting Sai on a gritty rap collab below. Somethin worth a listen for sure, though I did enjoy some of the other Greatest Story Never Told 3 previews a lil more.

Now the news on Saigon’s album… at the bottom of the month, GSNT3 will see release at the bottom of the month and given the release of the artwork and tracklist below today, I don’t think we’ll see anymore pushbacks. I didn’t have to look far to see the one track I’m really anticipating — the Just Blaze featured “Back To Reality”, which I hope has a familiar sample. We shall see September 30th.

1. Back to Reality (feat. Just Blaze)
2. Come Alive (feat. Corbett)
3. Street Gospel
4. Definitions from Bryonn Bain
5. Sinner’s Prayer (feat. Papoose & Omar Epps)
6. My Mama Thinks I’m Crazy (feat. Curbside Hustle)
7. Mine, Mine, Mine
8. Let’s Get Smart
9. One Foot in the Door (feat. Big Daddy Kane)
10. Nunya (None of Your Business)
11. Best Mistake (feat. G Martin)
12. Deception
13. Bring That
14. Mechanical Animals (feat. Memphis Bleek, Lil Bibby & Kool G Rap)
15. Contraband 3 (A,B,C,D)
16. Reincarnation (feat. Bryonn Bain)



ICYMI: Lil Bibby ‘Free Crack 2’ Interview w/ GWHH

Saigon “Nunya” (prod. DJ Premier)

Saigon & Premo?! Raw hip hop heads are noddin’ to this one, myself included. I love the choppy beat that also has an in-your-face energy necessary for Saigon to repeat, “It’s nunya bizness” on the chorus. It’s his verses that are the highlight though on this one — a *Tibs Fav. off first listen. “Nunya” is the 1st of apparently 4 records the two have together for Saigon’s upcoming album, GSNT3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard, slated for September 30th.