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The ABC of Architects

New or old to architecture, this video’s for you.

The ABC of Architects is a fun video that re-imagines the alphabet with famous architects and their most renowned buildings. For instance, Santiago Calatrava is ‘C’ and Le Corbusier is ‘L’ (hey! my 2 favorites :D) so that either name can count and no legend gets discounted.

It’s a quick 2-minute watch, spiced up by some clever animation that syncs with the old-timey song. You may even learn a building or two, and like me, be inspired to fire up the ole ‘Google’ tool to see more photos of them. I even did that to pull out some screenshots of my favorite architects/buildings. Enjoy!

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Chicago Spire: Back on Track

Great news late last week for Chicago. Santiago Calatrava’s Chicago Spire is looking at a revival of funding to resume its construction. Upon completion, it would be the tallest skyscraper in Chicago and the entire Western Hemisphere at 2,000 feet. The 1,194-unit condo building hasn’t received funding for construction since it started as a 76-foot by 110-foot hole in the ground in 2008 at 400 N. Lake Shore Drive.

However, Garrett Kelleher is actively seeking court approval to reinstate the project with a $135 million investment from Atlas Apartment Holdings LLC. Atlas CEO Steven Ivankovich said:

I’m a Chicago guy. I want to see Chicago regain its architectural crown. It’s the greatest piece of development land I’ve ever seen.

Regain the architectural crown, it may. Chicago is widely considered as one of the world’s top architectural cities and this new, bombastic skyscraper would certainly elevate it to crown discussions. I would love to see it come to fruition as Calatrava is in fact one of my favorite architects today, mainly for the beautiful bridges and Milwaukee Art Museum.

Further adding positive energy to the story is the Chicago Architecture Foundation. I was at the “Chicago Model” (an exhibit modeling downtown Chicago to scale at 224 N. Michigan Ave.) on Friday, when they literally put the Spire back in the Model. You can further see just how tall the Spire would stretch in context to the rest of the city from my pictures below. This is a great next step for Chicago’s skyline!

Full story @ Chicago Tribune
Photo by: Sgt. Tibs @ Chicago Architecture Foundation (architecture.org)
Photo by: Sgt. Tibs @ Chicago Architecture Foundation (architecture.org)
Photo by: Sgt. Tibs @ Chicago Architecture Foundation (architecture.org)
Photo by: Sgt. Tibs @ Chicago Architecture Foundation (architecture.org)