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GWHH Sponsored: Dally Auston Bday Party

Tonight! Save Money’s Dally Auston will celebrate his bday with a headlining performance at Jerry’s Sandwich. He’ll be accompanied on the bill by Astonish, Tony Stanza, MFnMelo & Born Ready (Pivot Gang), and Na$im Williams. We’re linking up once again with Make A Mogul who will be co-presenting with HOTC.

Our college-aged readers, this is the show for you — 18+ and discounted $5 entry with your school ID all night. Come out and support the ChiTown hip hop culture!


Brian Fresco & MC Tree “SoulMoney” [Mixtape]


Save Money’s Brian Fresco and SoulTrap innovator MC Tree deliver their anticipated project “SoulTree”, which features production created entirely by MC Tree. The 10 track project features Sterling Hayes, Dally Auston, Christopher James, amongst others.