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Scarface remake in the works

Wait, they’re remaking Scarface?!

Yup, and newly attached to the project by Universal is the writer for the upcoming N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, Jonathan Herman.

Now, hold on a second, how are they going to remake one of the most iconic movies and characters? There was only one Al Pacino as Tony Montana and the various scenes that came with it. Not to mention Miami in the 80s was the perfect setting. I guess I’ll be open to a new story, which reports say will be set in Los Angeles, but Al Pacino and Scarface is one of those rare 1 of 1’s that shouldn’t be touched.

The movie is still in its beginning stages (in fact, this is the third attempt at the script) so we’ll likely have some updates on the Scarface remake progress throughout the year.

h/t Hollywood Reporter

2Pac x OutKast collab would have happened?

This isn’t click-bait. There’s some substance to it, via this unearthed letter from ‘Pac indicating that a collab album was in the, seemingly verbal stages, with not only OutKast but also Scarface, E-40, Smiff & Wessun, and of course The Outlawz.

It’s technically unconfirmed (*the letter’s authenticity), but was seen today via the good people at DJ Booth. Plus, I have read many a works from the Tupac handwritten collection and it looks much like his writing. Besides, don’t you just want to believe 2Pac was up for working with OutKast anyway?

(LOL @ 2Pac’s 🙂 emoji.)

EDIT: Looks like Big Boi would have been open to the collab as well.

More speculation: Could the letter have surfaced at the newly opened Tupac exhibit at The Grammy Museum? Any L.A. readers out there, let us know: @gowherehiphop.