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Lupe Fiasco “Deliver” on Seth Meyers

Lupe’s IG and Twitter were full of promo the past couple days in anticipation of last night’s first ever performance of “Deliver” on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

I had a trio of questions, in addition to one overarching feeling:

For one, Lu’s pace is as fast as ever, on verses 2 and 3 especially. Pun intended, but how would he deliver these verses specifically?

Two, Lupe drops a lot of ninja words so how would he or the TV sensors get around that? (Answer: Lupe is a master self-censor. He leaves a blank space in rhythm, somehow. The keen listener who knows the song already will notice, then notice the smoothness. The casual listener may wonder aloud… does he mean “ninja”?)

Three, will Ty Dolla $ign join him for backgrounds? (Nope, but we were treated to our first look at PJ + a full choir for the hook. Not to mention Lu’s band, always on point too (I see ya, Bam!) Well done, everyone involved.)

Lastly, the overarching feeling… I love how Lupe has this national stage to perform this undoubtedly ear-catching piece of social commentary. I can imagine the casual viewer, and the casual Lupe fan’s reaction being sheer appreciation. Especially as Lupe answered question number one by not missing a beat, or a word (save for the aforementioned ninja words.) Pretty much flawless, Lupe. Here’s to all the new listeners taking notice and checking out Tetsuo & Youth.


NBA 2K15 Momentous Trailer

The all-new (and I think last) trailer for NBA 2K15 has dropped this morning and it’s a doozy of a look at all of today’s stars in action on the beautiful next-gen systems. Some highlights: a quick look at LeBron & Kyrie, Jabari Parker on the Bucks, Chandler Parsons on the Mavs, Rubio throwing oops to Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins, a perfectly done ‘Melo pull up 3 and ensuing celebration, Iman Shumpert’s “Worst Behaviour” 3 celebration, and of course cover boy and MVP Kevin Durant at the beginning and end. Watch out for all of those and more above (all set to ATCQ “Scenario”).

BONUS: The MyCareer has an all-new storyline in which you’re undrafted and have to grind to get on a team in January and play well enough going into free agency right off the bat. Love the constant innovation and small details 2K is adding (and this is just a small preview).

Also worth watching: James Harden on last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers as Seth puts the all-new 2K Face Scan to the test and becomes teammates with James on the Rockets. So funny (and awesome).

Rick Ross & French Montana on Seth Meyers

trio of Rozay audio/visual experiences to pass along. Above, he and French Montana perform “Nobody” on last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. Though, Ross messed up the last verse in this first performance on national TV.

Below, Rozay joins The Breakfast Club this morning to discuss the new album (of course), relationship with Diddy, 50 Cent’s recent Instagram post and whether they’ll be cool (nope), making peace with Jeezy, and new ventures in cars, mansions, and Wingstop, amongst more topics.

And finally, three time boxing champ Adrien Broner enters the rap game with this Rick Ross-featured “40” off his debut mixtape. So yeah, listen to that one below too.

Kanye West on Seth Meyers

I’m in the process of breaking down walls that people will understand 10, 20 years from now.

Kanye just wrapped up his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers (happy for one of my favorite SNL comedians — this is his 2nd night with the new late nite gig) and ‘Ye was the night’s first guest and of course, the musical guest. Above, after a pretty sleek Yeezus Tour video package, ‘Ye talks to Seth about the tour, how he approaches fashion and music “everything in the world is the same thing.”, a little College Dropout 10 year anniversary talk, being a dad, and even an old SNL sketch (hilarious. Did that air?)

To conclude the show, Kanye performed. And going into it, I was like, wait, what is he going to do this time? I couldn’t imagine another performance of “Bound” or “Black Skinhead”, and neither could ‘Ye. In fact, he took us through an entire journey of his discography. One song from each album (save for Watch The Throne) beginning with “Jesus Walks” and ending with “Black Skinhead”. Of course, these were abbreviated versions of all the songs, and its pace was an exciting blend of an iconic song from each album that I tweeted at the time was on point. I especially enjoyed “Jesus Walks” to “Touch The Sky” to “Stronger” to “Heartless”. Classics, yes. Blended together superbly, yes. He continued with “All of the Lights” (the blemish of the performance… ‘Ye was a little off-key), “Mercy”, and finally the aforementioned “Black Skinhead”.

4 highlights: the strobe light in “Stronger” combined with a standing still West (with Mike Dean and Mano in the background), the last autotuned belting of “Heartless” (amazing), the GIF-friendly silhouettes in “Black Skinhead”, and last but definitely not least: the #KanyeMicStandToss. Watch above and below and enjoy!