Sia “Fire Meet Gasoline” (starring Heidi Klum)

Sia’s visuals are always fascinating and today’s new one for “Fire Meet Gasoline” is no different. We do see fire and gasoline meeting, but we also see Heidi Klum — a lot of her. She plays one half of a lovebird couple in a storyline that features a pretty cool, ambiguous twist towards the end. After seeing that, I was even more intrigued so hopefully you are too.

Or maybe all it took was the words “Heidi Klum”?

adidas x Kanye | YEEZY SEASON 1

Official video of the fashion show + “Wolves” in its highest quality yet (starts at 8:19).

I gotta admit, I first thought the live trumpet and military formations was a little weird but that quickly grew on me. There’s a clear continuity in the colors and style and a few pieces stand out for me.

For one, there are the Yeezy Boost Lows and the Yeezy Boots (unofficial titles). I prefer the boots seen below.


Other pieces I enjoy: the crop tops for women and literally all the camo. My free spending self would cop a camo jacket, the Boots and the Boosts.

More photos of the Yezzy Boost Lows and Yeezy Season 1 Collection are on the tumblr —

First impressions of “Wolves” + more details from earlier today are here. (Spoiler: I really like “Wolves”.)