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Rihanna on SNL

To close out the season of SNL last night, Rihanna was the finale’s musical guest and performed her 2 current singles off her upcoming album, R8 — “American Oxygen” and “BBHMM”. In case you missed Ri-Ri’s songs and style choices (diggin’ the track suit and long red hair), press play below.

Rihanna & Louis CK SNL Promos

The SNL season finale is set to be an A-list affair as comedian Louis CK is the host and Rihanna, the musical guest. Here’s their quick couple of promos for Saturday’s show wherein Louis CK represents all of the male population at one point in grammar school, right?

What will the fiery red-haired Rihanna perform? BBHMM is a given, but will she premiere an all-new song or go with “American Oxygen”?

ICYMI: Our favorite BBHMM Remix (by Mr. Music)

Wiz Khalifa on SNL

Last night, Wiz Khalifa was the musical guest on SNL that didn’t have many viewers even with Scarlett Johansson hosting as well. After all, it ran during last night’s Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. SNL was aware of this and the cold open was a “pirated” version of the fight live. View that neat take and Wiz performing his new #1 “See You Again” and “We Dem Boyz” below.



Wiz Khalifa x Scarlett Johansson x Cecily Strong SNL Promos

I love SNL promos and this week’s for host Scarlett Johansson and musical guest Wiz Khalifa are about as awkward and random as you can predict. Especially when Cecily Strong, fresh off her awesome performance at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, is involved as well.

Looks like SNL will definitely be worth watching (on DVR after Mayweather/Pacquiao).

Kanye “Wolves” f/ Vic Mensa & Sia #SNL40

If I told you a week ago, Vic Mensa was going to be on SNL 40…

But yeah, wow. Amazing look for the young Vic as Kanye puts him on with a performance of track 01 — “Wolves”, accompanied by Vic and Sia. It was prefaced by “Jesus Walks” and “Only One” too. I’ll let the medley develop for you naturally down below, just know it’s definitely interesting… and IMHO, pretty cool. Can’t wait to hear more of “Wolves”.

Coolest color-corrected contacts, ever?



Unofficial cover, but this is dope and should be official.
Unofficial cover, but this is dope and should be official.

SNL 40 related: There were a lot of quality moments and montages throughout but probably my favorite was the new digital short with Andy Samberg & Adam Sandler. Loved this.