Snoh Aalegra “Bad Things” (Live, Stripped)

All-new today from the Swedish singer is this artsy, well-executed stripped down live version of “Bad Things” — Snoh‘s well-received collab with Chicago’s own Common. Her voice and delivery really shined on this one with a new, complimentary live sound behind her compared to that of the studio version I’m too familiar with.

Not only that, but I also stumbled upon Hypetrak‘s new follow-around sit-down with Snoh Aalegra as they were on set for the “Emotional” video and the viewing party with cameos by No I.D. and Baron Davis to name a couple. More importantly, this may be the first interview you’ve seen with Snoh and I resonate with her vibe even more after being a fan of the music first.

Finally, joining that video below is the new visuals for Vince Staples “Senorita” which features Snoh and Future as well. These went deep, so be sure to stay tuned into the twist ending at the very end.

Snoh Aalegra “Emotional”

Snoh Aalegra was one of my favorite new artists of 2014 and she has continued to impress into the new year with her only release — the official single produced by RZA, “Emotional”.

The music video naturally follows and Snoh plays the emotional spectrum part wonderfully as she bounces around a large, empty swimming pool. The black and white aesthetic really works as the video follows Snoh in other scenes along the railroad tracks in front of downtown L.A. for instance. Plus, the long hair is all over the place and the fashion on point to further represent the song. Here’s her comment on the video, which by the way, makes me enjoy the song even more.

*Tibs Fav.

This song is about heartbreak and frustration, of desperately wanting to love and to be loved back. I recently got out of a four year relationship and that’s been really rough. In this video, I’m letting all my emotions out.

h/t BlackBook

Snoh Aalegra f/ Common “Bad Things”

You’ve most likely noticed Snoh Aalegra‘s name pop up on Gowhere since the end of summer. Every new release from the Swedish singer signed to No I.D. has caught my ear and even made an appearance in my preseason NBA Awards. Oddly enough, I never really thought to see what she looks like. I merely google searched for as much background as I could find, but it was simply that I liked her music, voice, and production for what it was.

As such, the new “Bad Things” video today is my, and probably yours, first look at Snoh Aalegra. She rocks long brown hair and striking, chiseled features showcasing various different outfits, representative of the many “versions of her” she sings about. Diggin’ that style and look amidst the overall grainy, dark aesthetic of the video. If the sultry Snoh doesn’t reel you in with her captivating looks and vocals, Common should at the very least with his slick guest verse, appearing in the video under one of the coolest effects: the rainbow.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 2.21.01 PM

All in all, the “Bad Things” video comes as correct as the song and is the current single for Snoh Aalegra’s debut EP, There Will Be Sunshine, which dropped in full yesterday! You can stream the 6 tracks in its entirety below as well and be on the lookout later today for my full review.

*Tibs Fav. (above and below)