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K Camp – “Piece of Love” [Prod. By Nash Beats]

So out of my typical music taste but K Camp’s “Piece of Love” is worth a second look.

K Camp starts the song with one of the most over spoken and relatable statements – “I know you tired of these n*ggas out here”. Humorous and a bit provoking, I couldn’t help but raise my hand and shout in agreement, “YES! THEY PLAY SO HARD IN THEIR BOOTY THO!” Okay so I can’t agree with that statement 100% of the time but damn, I feel for those girls who deal with dudes suffering from basic bitch syndrome. Basic or not, K Camp feels our pain and reminds us why we are appreciated.

Although the song alludes to a well-educated stripper getting money (or maybe just a regular chick who likes being on poles, who can even assume right?), the message rather than the literal meaning of the lyrics had me nodding in appreciation. I mean what girl wouldn’t want a guy saying he likes her for being smart? Having her own money? Striving to be the best? Making it out of the ghetto? He sees us and we see him too.

A definite feel-good song, the track is light, not overly analytical but has the right hint of consciousness that make girls hit up their boos with that “…you really ain’t shit without me” text. In better words, listen to him if you just want some slow “body grinding against mine” music. For those who appreciate deep lyrical construction or clever word play, K Camp probably won’t do ya good…unless booty lyricism is your thing.

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A$AP Ferg “Petit Valley”

A$AP Ferg has been dropping a lot of tracks in the last few months but his latest freestyle, “Petit Valley”,  has everyone pausing their play buttons. “Wait, wait…hold up. Is he harmonizing?” To answer your question, yes…yes he is. Very Rare.

Playing homage to his Trinidad roots, his latest freestyle (which isn’t really a freestyle since he harmonizes more than actually spitting verses) combines Carnival Tabanca’s song “Bunji Garlin” and influences from Soca music. A lot more calmer than his more famous tracks like “Work” or “Shabba”, the song is more like a summer cake jam than anything. With island vibes and rhythms that make you want to sip coconuts with island side pieces, the track is by far the oddest track we’ve ever heard from the Trap Lord.

I know a lot of people are scratching their heads and asking questions like “My guy, you good?” But if you think about it, this track isn’t unusual for A$AP Ferg who is one of the more experimental guys in the game right now. By no means is this the best we’ve heard from Ferg but it isn’t a completely horrible song. We’ve heard A LOT worst, I mean who remembers when Nick Cannon was a rapper? (Yeah, take a moment to let that early 2000’s rap crisis sink back in). Regardless A$AP Ferg is still A$AP Ferg. Whether he’s harmonizing about island groupies or rapping about his crew in their Saint Laurent and Raf Simons fits, he is still bringing something original to the game.

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