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Poo Bear f/ Tyga “Work For It”

Hey, some new Poo Bear!

Been a fan since the Lupe collabs and now he has his own solo single featuring Tyga and a new music video also starring Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, and Khalil. You shouldn’t be surprised at the names if you’ve been familiar with some of Poo Bear’s behind the scenes work over the years. Watch/enjoy above.


The Game f/ Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy & T.I. “Really”

The Game assembles quite the crew for a preview of his Year Of The Wolf compilation album dropping October 14th. Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy, and T.I. to be exact on “Really”. It’s a thumpin’ beat, produced by The Mekanics, that I’m immediately noddin’ to. T.I.’s the one emcee I was most looking forward to after this production and he delivered. The song overall has an in-your-face edge that is thwarted by this being only the clean version below. But if the mood strikes, this could be a good one for your roto.

Nicki Minaj f/ Soulja Boy “Yasss Bish”

A natural follow-up to her edgy “Chi-Raq” freestyle, Nicki keeps the going back to her roots trend going with this Soulja Boy-produced and featured “Yasss Bish”. I’m not really feelin’ her high-pitched pronunciation of the last word of each line, but at least she switches it up halfway through the first verse. Depending if Soulja’s repetitive style suits you, his chorus will either be a hit or turn you away from the song altogether. For me, it’s unfortunately the latter.

However, what does make me smile: all of the NBA name-drops in Nicki’s second verse, including this timely one that kicks off a catchier, faster flow:

I don’t fuck wit you n****z, I own the Clippers..

But moreso,

I am the Dream, on the Dream Team, I am Olajuwon, I am Hakeem. Abdul-Jabaar. I am Kareem. I am the queen because I am the machine.

I couldn’t help but do a double take and rewind this part because Nicki Minaj clearly doesn’t know who was on the Dream Team. Haaaa! And because I’m an NBA nerd, I’d like to think she’s referencing Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic, but she’s definitely not.

Later on, Nicki raps she’s dropping her single in two weeks. Confirming that this is just a warm-up track for that, a la “Chi-Raq”. Alas, listen below.

Song since removed.

Drake’s New Year’s Eve Anthem

Inspired by PowerBall, NYE, and 4am itch to release new music, Drake does just that with his “New Year’s Eve Anthem” featuring Soulja Boy called “We Made It”.

Drizzy tabs his “Versace” flow for an instantly engaging set of rhymes that certainly set a celebratory mood. We get two verse from Drake and Soulja Boy doesn’t come in with his pseudo verse until the 4:30 mark. Kind of an odd collab we didn’t see coming — perhaps Drake’s co-sign here launches Soulja Boy back to some sort of relevancy close to when he blew up with “Crank Dat”.

 Also, everyone’s going to be saying “vixens” in a different type of way now.

*Tibs Fav.