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Scottie Pippen’s Ewing Dunk: 20 Years

Today marks another milestone day in Bulls Playoff history, that I’m glad to divert some of the attention I have on the present-day Eastern Conference Finals towards as well, hah!

That day, 20 years ago, May 20th, 1994 was Game 6 of the Bulls-Knicks ECF matchup and the last NBA game ever played at the old Chicago Stadium. With the Bulls down 3 games to 2, the team’s MVP (and league’s All-Star Game MVP that year), Scottie Pippen led the charge to force a deciding Game 7. Though the Bulls lost the series and a chance at the ’94 Finals, this play remains the iconic dunk and highlight of Scottie Pippen’s illustrious career.

Relive the dunk below and hear Scottie’s reflection on how he ended up walking over Patrick Ewing and the words he had for Spike Lee. Ahh, the nostalgia sets in right away.

Bulls.com marked the anniversary today with this must-read piece on the ’93-’94 season (and the dunk, of course) that represented Pippen’s continued growth into the superstar to support Michael in his return the following season. His words:

It was one of my greatest seasons. It wasn’t quite as successful of a season as we wanted, but I enjoyed the team and I loved my teammates. I enjoyed my growth and development as a player, as well as the leadership role that I had. It was the first time for me to be the clear cut star. I didn’t always have a chance to rise up when Michael was there, especially in my first three years. But by him stepping away a little bit, it gave me a little room to grow. And when he came back, it gave me an opportunity to stand beside him instead of standing below him.

Eminem “Headlights” (dir. Spike Lee)

Two legends collaborate for the first time as Eminem and Spike Lee link together in Detroit for the “Headlights” music video featuring Nate Ruess of fun.. This is Eminem’s most hard-hitting lyrical record off MMLP2 and, given his revealing, grateful feelings for his mother, it’s only natural the video premieres today on Mother’s Day. Enjoy these touching visuals of Em trying to reconnect with his estranged mother!

*Tibs Fav.

Spike Lee on set of Eminem “Headlights” video

A nice surprise when scrolling through instagram earlier today was seeing two living legends in their respective arts photographed together: Spike Lee & Eminem. As Em states, Spike came to the D for the upcoming video for “Headlights”. The critically acclaimed favorite off MMLP2 is one of Eminem’s most personal songs (which is saying something) and I’m happy to see it’s going to get the single push. In fact, I was delighted to hear it on KISS 103.5 on the radio within the last week — a surprise compared to what’s on the radio nowadays, amirite?

ICYMI: Eminem “The Monster” (BTS)

Ray Allen & Spike Lee discuss He Got Game sequel

He Got Game. A movie that still today is fondly remembered as having a lasting impact on hip hop culture.

It’s one of the best basketball movies out. One of Denzel’s top roles ever. One of Spike Lee’s best joints. And of course, a young Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Now, an old Ray Allen may reprise the role of J. Shuttlesworth. Says Allen before Tuesday’s game against the Pelicans:

Sequels to most movies are always fluff and not as good as the first. But it’s something we’ve [he and Spike] been talking about for the last couple months. If we get a really good story line and are able to bring everybody back, then it would be something worth doing.

Now this would be all sorts of awesome, right? My guess for the premise would be something along the lines of Shuttlesworth as the mentor for his son, being there for him when his father Jake (Denzel) wasn’t, but imparting the same wisdom he eventually did. I dunno, something like that.