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Jay Pharoah impersonates Nicki & Drake

Jay Pharoah is 2 for 2 in his impersonations this morning next to Sway. He begins the interview as Nicki Minaj and weighs in on the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef. Then “5AM in Toronto” comes on and Pharoah breaks out into a freestyle in Drake’s voice. Some of these nonsense lyrics he spits and sings are absolutely hilarious. On top of that, that Trident line to close out was actually really dope too. Job well done, Jay.

ICYMI: Drake “Back To Back”


Eminem 6 minute Sway Freestyle

Classic, vintage Eminem.

Sway got Shady to spit for 6 minutes straight, a capella, and no celebrity was safe. Like, literally no one. Bill Cosby. Countless female celebs from present and past. Even Caitlyn Jenner with probably Em’s most controversial line.

Em’s wit and wordplay is at that elite level where he rhymes within lines and creates all sort of alliterations that also make sense to the actual content of the rap. Whoo! On that note, I’m playin’ this again. The genius is still heavy.

Vic Mensa Sway In The Morning Freestyle

Vic Mensa went live with Sway in NYC yesterday and chopped it up for an extensive 20 minute interview that covered topics like his surprise appearance with Kanye at Chance’s “Open Mike” event this past weekend and his talks with Jay Z in signing to Roc Nation.

Vic also put down some bars of course and I was in on that when he hit the Game, Blouses line. Pretty solid overall… did he crush it out of the park?