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Kanye premiering new song, “All Day” video at LACMA this Saturday

The “All Day” video that Kanye collabed with Steve McQueen is coming soon… Saturday in fact, as it premieres at a special 4-day exhibit at LACMA. Los Angeles readers, you need no other excuse to go to a museum.

But here’s one more: the exhibit will also call for the first listen of the unreleased song “I Feel Like That” set for Kanye’s tentatively titled upcoming album, Swish. Stay tuned if outside L.A. for what’s sure to be some guerrilla footage of all of the above.

BONUS: Kanye, Juergen, & Kim for System Mag (Kanye photographed above)


Kanye West – ‘All Day’ Video Premiere (Via @lexiouwescudi)

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Kanye West renames album

The news via Twitter today, ICYMI…



Swish! I like it. Though I’m already annoyed of the inevitable mixed reviews that will call his album ‘Not quite a swish, but let’s just say the ball rolled around the rim and fell in.’ …and I love puns.

Perhaps Kanye had a lightbulb moment for the album titled when watching the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight with Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony last night. That’s what the lead photo is from as the trio enjoyed it in NYC with their celebrity significant others.