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J. Cole Tavis Smiley Interview

J. Cole sat down with Tavis Smiley on PBS for a widely encompassing interview that touched on a lot of rap talk. Namely: how he mastered his technique by studying the greats like Tupac and Nas and how his NC upbringing affected his style.

In case you weren’t watching PBS on a Tuesday night, watch above.


Lupe Fiasco on Tavis Smiley

Lupe Fiasco’s limited interview run I believe concludes below with his appearance on Tavis Smiley. Lu is apparently going to go in the background now but before, we get to hear more about how the content on Tetsuo & Youth will need multiple listens to digest (it really does), his painting as the album cover, his relationship with Australia, and some thoughts on free speech. It’s all below if you click the photo — a quick 13 minute watch/listen.