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#TBT: “Hurricane” LIVE @ EMAs 2010 — 30 Seconds To Mars & Kanye West

A fresh #TBT post today inspired by the news that Kanye West will be receiving the VMA Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award this Sunday (and hopefully an iconic performance to follow) as well as a random Instagram #BlastFromThePast that Jared Leto blasted yesterday.

I then wanted to look up one of my favorite Kanye features, taking us back to 2010 when the two performed the song, surprise style, live at the EMAs in Madrid. I actually don’t remember watching this when it happened so I’m glad to have run it back now with ‘Ye performing part of his chilling verse in peak autotune.

Leto let him have the stage right after for Kanye to perform “Power” just as it was impacting now 5 years ago (wow.) Just one of the many cool Kanye live performances to get you in the right mindframe for Sunday. Enjoy!

John Starks says Biggie song NOT about him

Wait, what? A John Starks mention on GWHH? Especially given that we’re such big Bulls fans? Haha, well, the latter will never truly matter and this story is just too fun and it was brought up again with Bomani Jones & Dan Le Batard on ESPN’s Highly Questionable.

The story, a great #TBT by the way for the youngest generation of hip hop fans, stems from 1996 and Notorious B.I.G.’s “I Got A Story To Tell”. Press play above and listen up. Biggie describes a seemingly true account of sleeping with a Knicks player’s girl and then robbing said Knicks player when he came back to the house. In the song, Biggie casually mentions he was 6’5″, which eliminates someone like star Patrick Ewing of course.

But since the song’s release, it was assumed the player in question was John Starks, one of the Knicks’ main guards in the 90s and a hard-nosed, sometimes loose cannon player who embodied the team’s toughness. Starks tells Bomani & Le Batard that it wasn’t him and that he’s actually 6’2″. He also indicates there’s some truth to the story though but stays close to the chest about who Biggie’s actually referring to, inspiring some great reactions though from the hosts. 2:02 mark

At the very least, this lets us relive, or hear for the first time, a Biggie song on this TBT day with a story that ultimately doesn’t mean too much today. If you are that intrigued to figure out who this Knicks player is, this blog titled What Would Oakley Do? (great blog name) has about as detailed a breakdown as you want.

#TBT MJ & Usher “You Rock My World”

A little #TBT action for ya today as I stumbled upon a Michael Jackson live concert at Madison Square Garden from September 10th, 2001, the night before the horrific events of 9/11 (#NeverForget). That alone is crazy to think about, and for the sake of this post, I’m focused on the joy that MJ brought the NYC fans in the video below. The crowd loved “You Rock My World” (one of my top-tier MJ faves of all-time too) and the performance became even more special when MJ brought out Usher for his smooth dance stylings at the end. And that’s not all. Chris Tucker, co-star of the “You Rock My World” video if you recall, also surprised and did a little nifty dance move himself. Watch out for all this in the performance video below (and brace yourself for a loud electronic intro too, ha).

And now… for some current Usher music and tidbits…

First, Usher performed his new single “She Came To Give It To You”, solo and acoustic style recently. The result is a version I prefer because it’s a smooth song in general that didn’t need a Nicki Minaj guest verse to contrast.

Rounding it all out is a new interview with XXL where Usher reveals the song title and concept for his upcoming collaboration with Drake.

Raekwon “You Used To Love Me”

Ahh, the 90s. On this Thursday, I’m feelin the throwback vibes a little more — perhaps because I started the day with this post of lil D. Rose in Bulls gear, and now on another level with the Chef‘s new addition to his weekly #TBT series over Faith Evans’ “You Used To Love Me”. A male voice is a welcomed addition to Faith’s soulful crooning and Raekwon nicely adds that to the beginning of this track. His slick flow and overall gritty voice will leave fans years from now convinced that this was the original collab. Good vibes below and an easy *Tibs Fav.

The Nostalgia Machine

A double dose of #TBT as The Nostalgia Machine was really built for any day you want to relive those childhood songs and music videos you grew up on.

It’s a simple, well-executed site that simply aggregates the music video of each year’s Billboard Year-End Hot 100 Singles. It goes all the way back to 1960 and for example I spotlighted 10 years ago above. Usher’s “Yeah!” featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris was the year’s #1 single and a staple at my high school and in my first car’s speakers. You’ll see more of Usher in 2004, along with Eminem, 50 Cent & G-Unit, and a young hip hop star in the making with a couple singles from his first album: Kanye West.

thenostalgiamachine.com — enjoy!