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TDE confirms new Jay Rock album

We’re not yet 24 hours removed from last night’s TPAB drop and more good news is coming for TDE fans.

Head honcho Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith tweeted that Jay Rock’s album is still coming and if it’s like his effort on “Pay For You” (his verses are up there with Kendrick’s) then I think we’ll all be happy.

Meanwhile, Tiffith was also in a positive mindframe to attract 1 million copies sold of To Pimp A Butterfly and honestly, I feel like it’s got a chance. Hopefully the iTunes hiccup last night (and again today) won’t affect sales too much.

ICYMI: Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar explain “Pay For It” creative processTPAB (Album Stream)


Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar “Pay For It” (Making Of)

Serena comes from the same city I come from, so I know the pain that she feels. I know the loss that she has. That was my approach on the record. You gotta pull from that. You gotta pull from everything that you hate about yourself, everything that you hate about where you come from, and turn it into something positive.

– Kendrick Lamar

Beats By Dre provides a sweet, introspective sit-down with Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar, plus producer Sounwave and TDE’s Ali, as they all discuss the inspiration for the aggressive and real lyrics and how the beat was formed around it (and vice versa.)

For any nerd of the creative process like me, you’ll enjoy this as the video provides some new insight and a pretty clear story of how “Pay For It” (long been in the rotation) came together. Starting with some true words from Kendrick above. The way he and Jay Rock conclude the video is pretty neat as well, I couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement. I just wish they sat down with the singer Chantal for the track because her vocals are a big part of why I like it too.

Punch f/ Kendrick Lamar “25”

TDE president Punch has been steady putting out tracks, showing that he too has some rap skills. Perhaps no more clearly than on “25” — a new release this morning with Kendrick Lamar on the hook. It’s really about Punch on this one though. With every verse he gets more thought-provoking, technically sound, and tells some anecdotal analysis about the struggle for the black community. He preaches positivity as well to getting out alive en route to the saying of dead or alive by “25”. I vibe with the messages and the west coast soulful feel for another nice add to your rap roto today.

*Tibs Fav.