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Nas narrates US Open ESPN commercial

The US Open begins on Monday and leading up to the last major of the year, and the lone major America hosts, we have none other than Nas adding his New York flavor to the ESPN promo.

Of course, the US Open takes place in Flushing and so his voice is the perfect fit for this wonderful capture of the everyday man and woman playing tennis in NYC. This year’s major is not without its captivating storylines in both the Men’s and Women’s draw.

Will Novak Djokovic get his 3rd major with contenders like Roger Federer (who beat him this past week in Cincinnati), French Open champ Stan Wawrinka, Andy Murray, and Rafa Nadal (who he could play in the quarters) all lurking. And bigger than that: can Serena Williams cap off her Serena Slam and solidify herself as a top choice as greatest women’s athlete of all time? (And will Drake be there?! Haha.) I’ll be watching and Nas just gets me more amped for it.

Underwater Tennis Court Design Concept

This extravagant design concept caught my eye this weekend as the French Open started this weekend too, so I had to give this some shine in our Design section.

Polish architect Krysztof Kotala of 8+8 Concept Studio released these renderings for an underwater tennis arena to be designed for… where else… Dubai. The glass alone makes this a stretch for completion (Archpaper says it would be 3 times the size of a standard glass pane) but we can always dream. If this brings about a Dubai Open too, I’m sure it’ll be a fun watch on TV, let alone in person to be in a real-life aquarium. Hope it happens.

Air Jordan 3 x Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9s

UPDATE: Had to bring this back up with some new photos, Roger Federer debuting the Air Jordan 3 x Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9s yesterday at the U.S. Open, and finally, greatness meets greatness. Federer talks with MJ himself here:

See the shot that made MJ adamantly applaud and discuss the Air Jordan 3 x Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9s.


08.20.14: Jordans… on the tennis court?!

Best believe it as Roger Federer will take to the blue U.S. Open courts in Flushing next week in style. He’ll rock these Air Jordan 3 x Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9s that combine fashion and performance. As a fan of the elephant print 3s (I mean, who isn’t?), this one’s an instant overhead smash to me. I guess Novak Djokovic wasn’t playin’ when he said on Letterman last night that Roger Federer has the best on-court style. This is definitely cementing his place there too.


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Legit drops his latest single, a tennis inspired track produced by Dee Lilly known as “BRKF$T At WIMBLEDON”. As for Legit’s forthcoming project “SURPRISE!” that will be dropping in the fall. More on Legit’s latest single below.

In honor of The Championships at Wimbledon that were this morning, I dropped a new song today called “BRKF$T at Wimbledon”, produced by Dee Lilly. This is a record from my ever-coming project SURPRISE! Which i’m aiming to drop in the Fall. The song is themed around tennis, which is one of my random obsessions.

Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon

Today was tennis’ Super Bowl across the pond and it pitted two living legends of the game against each other in an epic, 5-set Final. Novak Djokovic prevailed 6-7 6-4 7-6 5-7 6-4 over Roger Federer, winning Wimbledon for the second time in his career, his 7th major win overall, and he takes over as the world’s new #1 ranked player in the ATP. The match, that ESPN’s Greg Garber writes is an “instant classic”, was nothing short of brilliant as the quality of play never faltered and featured many magnificent winners of all kind, from both players.

One of the endearing qualities to tennis is the mental fortitude required to play the sport at a high level. After all it is just you on the court and the game brings about many life parallels to endure head-on. Both players were prime examples today of overcoming adversity. Federer rallied back from a Championship Point and had to break Djokovic numerous times to survive the 4th set and force a deciding 5th. With the momentum Fed’s way, and the adversity now Djokovic’s way, the champion spoke about how he remained and recharged mentally going into the 5th set. This post-match interview below was amazing as Djokovic conveyed how he “tried to be in the present moment and be aware of the occasion…” later telling the Tennis Channel that, “My convictions were greater than my doubts.” He even details what he told himself during a restroom break before the 5th set, which I can imagine, even somewhat humorously.


This interview and Djokovic’s performance in the last set was a firm affirmation about living in the present moment and amazing to see played out and well-communicated by Djokovic just moments after the emotions of winning. If you’re even of the most casual of tennis fans, you can hopefully appreciate and gain inspiration from these lessons played out on the Centre Court grass this afternoon.

(Lastly, peep some of the sweet images from today.)









Single tear by Roger Federer as Djokovic dedicates the win to his fiancee and future baby boy.
*praying hands emoji*
*praying hands emoji*



The Beckhams attended too — how come I think that color combo on the dress really works? #Fashion
The Beckhams attended too — how come I think that color combo on the dress really works? #Fashion