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Lupe Fiasco “Mission”

Lupe ushers in the return of #TetsuoSeason a few hours early as he releases the new single off Tetsuo & Youth — “Mission” — below.

Given the song and artwork (by Hebru Brantley), I was definitely expecting something with substance and per usual, Lu delivers. This one’s about a different topic, though — cancer, and the perseverance and positive attitude to overcome it. You flat out can’t knock that and Lupe’s fast flow and slick lyricism are the clear highlight. The uncredited singer on the hook has a Matthew Santos vibe to him and it’s a welcome addition vocally. My small knocks on the track is that said hook ran a little long and could have used more of a variety in lyrics and the beat is overall underwhelming, though it certainly works. All in all: a *Tibs Fav. and a great second beginning for #TetsuoSeason.


Lupe Fiasco announces new single “Mission”

#TetsuoSeason resumes Monday, May 19th!

Lupe Fiasco announced his new single off Tetsuo & Youth, actually calling it his first single (meaning the Ed Sheeran “Old School Love” is done getting pushed for the album?), and gave it a release date. He also dropped the URL weareonamission.org which has a countdown going to the exact time. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Today, Lupe revealed the official artwork, done by none other than Hebru Brantley. Just a few more days til the 1st single.