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Izzy Rhythm “The Coffee & Broccoli EP” [Mixtape]


Living in a city that gets so much exposure for it’s violent Drill and conscious Renaissance Hip-Hop movements it is very easy to forget that there’s a soul in Chicago. There is an existing R&B movement and everyday its grasps for an opportunity to inspire and give hope to the city of Chicago. One of those artists that we believe has the opportunity to create much off an opportunity is Chicagoan, Boricua R&B singer Izzy Rythm, that has released his much anticipated “The Coffee & Broccoli EP” that gives you soul and puts your mind at ease. This project is the type you can kick back and vibe out and it lives up to the hype with great production from Smoko Ono, Joseph Chilliams, and guest verses from Jarred AG among various other collaborators.