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Social Experiment covers FADER

More new Chance today as he and the Social Experiment (Donnie Trumpet, Peter CottonTale, and Nate Fox) cover the upcoming issue of The FADER.

The cover story accompanied it and it’s a pretty quality read that highlights the personalities of all 4 of them with the writer observing and following the crew around for a day in L.A. I came out of this appreciating Chance more for his focus on their collective when, as the article astutely points out, many artists put themselves on another level first before the rest of the crew.

The Social Experiment’s upcoming album, Surf, is still due soon and is what Chance calls in the story, “Donnie’s project.” Read it for more.

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Nicki Minaj covers The FADER

I think early on in my career, I was… I was… just a little bit crazy…

…she says, lightly smacking her chewing gum. “I took everything personally. That’s just not good, and it’s not healthy.” These days, she works hard to keep herself in check. “I think one of my best attributes now, as a businesswoman and an artist and a professional person, is being able to think before I speak,” she adds. “I’ve learned that everything I think doesn’t necessarily need to be stated.”

— Nicki Minaj to The FADER

Nicki Minaj graces the cover of the upcoming issue of The FADER and accompanying the photospread in the gallery is the above quotable of the full cover story. Here it is all released in one package for consumption today.

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