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Linkin Park “Final Masquerade”

With The Hunting Party impacting at the spark of summer, Linkin Park while preparing their tour, drops the new in-depth video for “Final Masquerade”. I already think this was one of the album’s strongest outputs (truthfully, I ended up not growing into much of the harder rock stuff than this) and now have a renewed appreciation for the song after the Mark Pellington-directed visuals.

Pellington drops a series of quick cuts, images, and different scenes throughout the five minutes that tell a disjointed story that’s predominantly dark, chaotic, and apocalyptic. However, there are also the positives that shine through at the other end of the spectrum with forgiveness being a theme, and when you’ll see it you’ll agree… Thank God for that angel. Enjoy!

Linkin Park “Until It’s Gone”

With The Hunting Party officially less than a week away, Linkin Park releases their new video for the single “Until It’s Gone”, which stands as my favorite track on the album so far. The vintage LP mix of genres on the song now gets a vintage visual to match. Design-wise, the group drives home the greyscale minimalism of the album art with the all-greyscale visuals. Vintage LP visual because of the image overlay on the band members like in the screencap below (there’s a GIF-worthy moment on Chester’s hair to look out for).


I loved these overlays and just wish there were more to offset the generic shots of the band members performing that appeared to often. Regardless, it doesn’t take away from the song at all. For those still sleeping, press play above and then stream the entire album before June 17th below.

ICYMI: Linkin Park ‘The Hunting Party’ [Album Stream]

Linkin Park ‘The Hunting Party’ [Album Stream]

Linkin Park ‘The Hunting Party’ [Album Stream]
(Click Here)

As the keen observer can already see, one click above and you can listen to the full LP from LP, The Hunting Party, a week before it hits stores next Tuesday. The free stream, of course, lets longtime fans like myself enjoy all of the previews in context and understand the group’s return to a core, more hardcore sound. The 45 minutes does indeed feature heavier sounds mixed in with your usual Mike Shinoda rap bars and Chester Bennington vocals. It’s a combo that I’m certainly never tired of and on first listen, the album is already indicative of the group’s progression goals.

It’s going to be hard for one single to top my love for “Until It’s Gone”, but as a whole, it’s a fluid album from beginning to end with plenty of tracks I’m looking forward to rewinding. One is “Final Masquerade”, a *Tibs Fav. below that also has a brand new lyric video to its name. In the album, this record follows an all-instrumental song that had me irrationally excited upon realization, considering the group’s first two albums had brilliant instrumental-only tracks towards their conclusion. The Hunting Party is no exception here. I’m only skeptical on the harder rock records that will grow with a couple of more listens for sure, but I’m not sure if they’ll stick. I think that’s just my taste for sounds less heavy in general. Nevertheless, listen above, below, and catch up with more LP on GWHH here.

Linkin Park “Rebellion” f/ Daron Malakian

LP‘s second new lyric video in as many days off ‘The Hunting Party’ as “Rebellion” features Daron Malakian and a lot more screaming. This comes as no surprise to me given the group’s notion in various interviews that it’s returning to some of the core screaming and hard rock sounds of their debut album. “Rebellion” has that heavy rock feel that the song title indicates it does and like their release yesterday, “Wastelands”, this could grow on me within the context of the album. We won’t have to wait too much longer: June 17th.

ICYMI: Linkin Park “Wastelands” [Lyric Video]

Linkin Park ‘The Hunting Party’ [Tracklist]

One day removed from being blown away by their new single “Until It’s Gone”, I realized that the tracklist for The Hunting Party is officially revealed now that the single is on iTunes (yup, I copped.) No shocking features or anything, but definitely a sense of the moods that are to follow the album’s first two previews by one glance at the song titles.

Can’t wait now til June 17th for The Hunting Party.


ICYMI: Linkin Park “Until It’s Gone” [Lyric Video]