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Mike Posner ‘The Truth EP’ set for June 22

You may recall Mike Posner‘s acoustic performance of 3 new songs last month. Well, now he’s organized it all, with 1 more track, for the studio release of The Truth EP. From what I can tell via Stereoboard, there’s a release slated for June 22nd, which will hopefully have even more personal songs like that of these 4. The new one to me was “Be As You Are” which stems from a conversation with his mother and about just being yourself and not creating a front. I am really vibing with Posner’s authenticity, writing, and simplistic sounds behind him on all of these tracks. Listen to The Truth, at least as it stands now (for instance “Iris” isn’t on here), below:


ICYMI: Mike Posner “The Voice of the Unheard”