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Navarro “Maybe” f/ THEMpeople

One of Chicago’s most prolific emcees is Navarro (formerly known as Scheme) that today drops some new material with the THEMpeople produced spoken word piece “Maybe”. The piece tackles many inner city issues that Navarro has faced from growing up Mexican in the tough streets of Chicago, gang violence, and prejudice that inner city kids face against authorities, as well as addressing the lives slain by those sworn to protect and serve the communities that these officials ended up effecting. More on the release below.

Navarro, formerly known as Scheme*, releases new music produced by THEMpeople. Maybe, is a spoken word piece; an audio interpretation from a piece Navarro wrote and released a few weeks ago, which was shared by major Latino websites, as well as NBC Latino news analyst and more. He considered restructuring it into a “rap song format,” but this was not that. This had to stay the way he wrote it; every word.

Sani ‘Cinderella ’99 EP’

Everything you need to know about this collection of records from Sani and Via Rosa is right below. If you’re looking for my opinion. Then to you I say that I currently see no better set of joints to vibe to if you’re cruising in the whip, jammin’ on the solo tip, or even if you wanna put some in the air. This collection is perfect for all that. Just chill and vibe. #2080

“Cinderella ’99 is a modern day fairy tale about falling in and out of love. Not only am I obsessed with fairy tales and cartoons but we were both born in the 90’s and it’s also a strain of weed that Sani likes a lot so the title just kinda worked out…. It’s very bossanova/boom bap inspired. I’d like to thank Jonah Wei-Haas for being a part of it he really added a new dimension to the project and it wouldn’t have been the same without him. The tape is almost 2 years in the making and I’m so happy with the outcome. We’ll definitely be dropping more mini EP’s in the future so look out for random drop dates. I hope you guys like it as much as we liked making it.”