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Tinashe announces new album

Tinashe may have wrapped up the promo and visuals for Aquarius with last night’s double video for “Bet / Feels Like Vegas” and follows that up today with the announcement of album #2 — JOYRIDE.

Producers said to have contributed: Hit-Boy, Boi-1da, Max Martin, and Dr. Luke. Watch the throwback 70s grain in the new trailer above. Hot beat so far too.

(Forgot to mention in the video post last night that the 720p60f setting is so smooth. I love seeing that for bball highlights, it worked well for Tinashe, and I hope it becomes the norm.)

Tinashe “Bet / Feels Like Vegas”

Tinashe found the only time L.A. doesn’t seem to have any traffic (1:48am to be exact) under a cool tunnel I’ve definitely seen in a movie as the time and setting for her seductive new double visual.

And by seductive, I mean it’s Tinashe in tight workout gear stretching, dancing, and just overall looking into your soul through the camera. She looks great, but for 6 minutes I’m thinking there could have been even more to the visuals. The songs work for me too though so it’s well worth both your eyes and ears. Aquarius should definitely have been in your ears by now anyway.

Tinashe “All Hands on Deck”

All hands on deck for Tinashe’s new visual, appropriately filmed at a shipyard. Sorry I couldn’t avoid the pun, but the thirsty fellas out there aren’t even reading this right now. Can’t say I blame you given Tinashe’s seductive attire and dance moves above for a cut of last year’s debut album, Aquarius.

I’d point your attention to Amethyst — Tinashe’s new free mixtape from a few weeks ago, in case you’ve been sleeping.