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Donald Glover on The Today Show

I guess Childish Gambino is like a period of my art time, and I want to have periods in my life, so I feel like Childish Gambino is a period that should come to a close. I like endings.

Now, this doesn’t mean that ending is anytime soon… nor does it mean Glover is going to stop rapping… just maybe stop rapping as “Childish Gambino.” Plus, he delivers it all kinda casually. Whatever the case, it got my attention too and as a fan, I obviously hope for more art and music from the talented Glover. And for the record I love the name Childish Gambino but if it doesn’t stay, I hope it’s an evolution into something new too. I’m sure it will be, in fact.

Also on The Today Show (which is a nice look for Glover), he talks about his upcoming film he’s starring in called The Lazarus Effect (this clip looks cool) and talks on the #DonaldForSpiderman campaign that’s being brought up again. I’m for that too.

Sweet pic:

ICYMI: Donald Glover on the creative process

Mariah Carey, Usher & More for “Today” Show

Every year, the “Today Show” announces their line-up for their annual summer concert series. Last year, the series was kicked off by  the legendary Mariah Carey & this year, it will be kicked off by none other than Ms. Carey once again.

The diva is set to perform new material off of her upcoming LP, which is to drop sometime next month. The LP’s cover, track listing & title has yet to be revealed.

Mariah will kick off the concert series May 16 while Usher will close the series with a huge performance September 5. Two legendary artists in R&B!

R&B Superstar Usher
R&B Superstar Usher

Also, in the line-up is Ariana Grande (August 29), Maroon 5 (September 1), Pharrell (June 5) & Jennifer Hudson (July 29).

Sounds like a star studded line-up!