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Bulls Show 139: A Mayor Announcement

KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune stops by to answer some of Nillz‘s questions about the end of the Bulls’ season, Tom Thibodeau’s exit, Fred Hoiberg’s arrival, and other possible Bulls’ offseason plans.


UPDATE: The Fred Hoiberg introductory press conference just wrapped up. K.C. Johnson has a thorough recap of quotes and tidbits on his Twitter feed @KCJHoop.


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Bulls Show #138: Dysfunction Junction

Mitch & Nillz react to the Thibs’ “dismissal,” discuss whether the firing was justified and ridicule the PR nightmare that is the Bulls’ front office. We also briefly look at life with Hoiberg at the helm and preview the upcoming NBA Finals.


Bulls Show 119: Hassan Blindsided

The Bleacher Report’s Sean Highkin stops by to discuss Hassan Whiteside’s dominant performance in Miami’s win over the Bulls and why the team continues to struggle against inferior opponents. We also reminisce about Luol Deng, examine lineup changes and speculate about Thibs’ future in Chicago.


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Bulls Show 85: Doubt & Defeat

Nillz & Ricky sound off on what went wrong with the Bulls, underestimating the Wizards, and the excitement of the NBA Playoffs. Let’s just say this probably won’t be the favorite episode of the Hinrich & Boozer families, but while we express our disappointment and frustration, it’s not all bad news because hey – we’re potentially on the cusp of the 2014 Plan!


Bulls Show 82: Weighing the Wizards

Ricky & Nillz preview the Bulls’ upcoming first round playoff series against the Wizards, including a look at key factors and match-ups. Listen to find out who we think has the edge between Michael Jordan’s former teams and whether Kirk Hinrich can avenge his 2005 playoff loss to Washington in honor of Andres Nocioni (no, seriously).