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The Boy Illinois ‘Dusable’

The Boy Illinois continually impresses with each new project and his next chance to do so is Dusable below — 10 tracks including one of my favorite rap collabs when it dropped “BlackMale” f/ Twista & Trae Tha Truth.

On here, Illi primarily goes solo save for the collabs with a frequent guest singer of his, Drey Skonie. As such, “All I Want” and especially “Ruling Class ’15” are early favorites. The latter features some of the best raps from Illi on the tape and Skonie covering Lauryn Hill’s hook on “If I Ruled The World”. Very well-executed, and very fresh.

Overall? Illi’s flow is still one of the smoothest in the Chi. He adapts well to some new trap sounds that I haven’t always heard him on too. Some of those are a mixed bag to me, but it speaks to Illi’s versatility even moreso. You’ll find something you like so without further ado… press play below.


h/t FSD


The Boy Illinois f/ Trae Tha Truth & Twista “Black Male”

If you slept on this song in the summer, now’s the time to wake up.

The Boy Illinois links up with Twista in the hometown and Trae Tha Truth in his out in Houston for the new “Black Male” video — a crispy, fast-paced visual to match the break-neck pace of the song itself.

As I alluded to over the summer, even with the esteemed guest stars, Illi was the brightest star of ’em all.

I stand by that even though, again, Trae and Twista kill it. Maybe it’s the Sting in the rafters line that gives Illi the slight edge. But you simply can’t not appreciate some vintage Twista to close the song too. Trae sounds perfect in the middle and C.O.O.P. also kills it on the production, allowing for each rapper to flex their skill one right after another.

The video has its variety of scenes and plenty of eye candy throughout, but lowkey the slept on shots of the video are the early downtown looks with Illi. These landmarks seem obvious to capture, but are oddly not seen in any Chicago rap videos that I can think of. At least not like this, so the hometown pride beams. Watch, take it all in, and enjoy!

The Yer Tape drops on Tuesday so get ready for that too…


Lupe Fiasco ‘Tetsuo & Youth’ (Tracklist)

Lupe Fiasco’s Tetsuo & Youth is set to arrive next month (yup, now next month technically!) on January 20th, 2015. Today it feels a little more real as Lupe reveals a sweet, artistic cover art above (emphasis on artistic) and the 16 track titles and features below.

1. Summer
2. Mural
3. Blur My Hands (ft. Guy Sebastian)
4. Dots & Lines
5. Fall
6. Prisoner 1 & 2 (Feat. Ayesha Jaco)
7. Body Of Work (ft. Troi & Terrance Martin)
8. Little Death (ft. Nikki Jean)
9. No Scratches (ft. Nikki Jean)
10. Winter
11. Chopper (ft. Billy Blue, Buk Of Psychodrama, Trouble, Trae Tha Truth, Fam Lay & Glasses Malone)
12. Deliver
13. Madonna (And Other Mothers In The Hood) (ft. Nikki Jean)
14. Adoration Of The Magi (ft. Crystal Torres)
15. They.Resurrect.Over.New (ft. Ab-Soul & Troi)
16. Spring

Yup, that’s Nicki Jean on three (!) new tracks. Looks like “Chopper” will be one big rap track. And I got my eye on “Blur My Hands” as a possible single with Lu tweeting excitement in studio sessions this past year with Guy Sebastian, singer of their poppin’ “Battle Scars” single in 2012. For now, Lupe is 1 for 1 with “Deliver” as we’ll surely hear some more previews as the calendar turns to 2015.

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