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Chris Crack “Kickin It Wit TW” [Mixtape]

There is no one rapidly rising up the Chicago Hip-Hop radar as Chris Crack has been consistently doing. His latest released project “Kickin It Wit TW” is nothing less than phenomenal as the Trill Pimp flow Chris Crack and TMTHY TRTL’s eclectic/psychedelic production further establishes one of Chicago’s most promising emcee producers tandems. More on the project and Rose Gold On My Two Fangs visual below.

Trill pimpin’ psychedelic time traveler, TRILL WITHERS (aka Chris Crack), has rock climbed through the mild-sauce-trenches of empty Uncle Remus’ chicken baskets, while battling the trifling THOTS & THERMS that dwell the earth- to claim his title as the West Side “Silver Surfer’. With the aid of his cultish chivalry, the New Deal Crew, Sir Crackaveli and his cult continue their based ass conquest to bring the MOTHA FXCKIN WAVE BACK!!! (THREE-SIX-MAFIA SAMPLE* YEAHHH HOE!!!)

Rose Gold On My Two Fangs: