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Eminem’s letter to Tupac’s mother

I knew I could put that Tupac tape in, and suddenly, things weren’t so bad.

Thank Hip Hop Reddit once again for unearthing a very cool throwback that I don’t think many of us out there knew existed.

We did know the influence that 2Pac has had on Eminem as the living legend saluted 2Pac on record before, in interviews, and executive produced the Tupac: Resurrection Soundtrack (superb).

But now, we see an emotional letter that Eminem penned to Afeni Shakur speaking of the influence of ‘Pac on his life and career and keeping Afeni in his thoughts and prayers. The drawing up above too… Get lost in this below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.45.30 PM

An all-time top-tier favorite.

Former LAPD thinks he knows 2Pac’s killer

I know what you may be thinking after the headline, but hey, this has a little bit of an anchor. It’s because, via this lengthy VICE report by XXL writer Jeff Weiss, talked with former LAPD Russell Poole, a key source in Randall Sullivan’s investigative book LAbyrinth.

The summation, via XXL:

Poole received from a local crime reporter a tip about a man named Malcolm Patton’s supposed confession to carrying out a hit on 2Pac. In the note, dictated to one of the newsman’s jail informants, Patton says that he, his brother and a Long Beach Crip named Donald Smith carried out the hit with help from Reggie Wright, Jr., the head of Death Row’s security detail, and from Suge Knight’s then-wife.

Smith, better known as the rapper Lil 1/2 Dead, a Death Row affiliate and Snoop Dogg’s cousin, is alleged to have had his own, private motive for the killing: Poole suggests that in 1991, during the recording of 2Pacalypse Now, the aspiring rapper passed Pac his demo tape. Though he didn’t hear from the rapper again, he head his own words on the radio–in the form of “Brenda’s Got a Baby,” Pac’s breakthrough hit that Lil 1/2 Dead allegedly wrote. For more on the theory, read the exhaustive and informative Vice piece. As for Poole, the revered detective remains incensed that law enforcement has bungled the investigation so badly. ”If this was Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra who got murdered, there would’ve been arrests a long time ago,” he says. “This case can be solved, but needs police follow-up. There are clues sitting right in front of the police. It’s a travesty of justice.”

Do you guys give this credence? I definitely don’t dismiss it and agree with one thing: Poole’s concluding quote. Travesty of justice for sure.

Jhene Aiko honors Tupac

The HBD Tupac tributes continue and this is my favorite so far, courtesy of MTV, as Jhene Aiko pays homage to one of her long-noted inspirations.

Above you can already tell, and she did so 2 more times below, by recreating old photos of Tupac. I love these and they’re done to the tee. It’s most crazy to see the sultry Jhene in the bathtub gold chains one below too.



Below, she talks about what Tupac meant to her and performs “Keep Ya Head Up” acoustic. All great plays in the background while moseying over to Jhene’s IG too. She posted some rather revealing pics last night, sure, but I also love all her passages from philosopher Thich Nhat Hanh too.

Joey Bada$$ freestyles over Tupac beats

Happy birthday to the late Tupac as Joey Bada$$ is amongst those in hip hop paying tribute with his stop on the Cruz show at Power in L.A. He ripped through a series of classic Tupac beats starting with “I Get Around” and kicked a smooth flow for all of them. I don’t think “Hail Mary” should have been included in the freestyle run, but that doesn’t detract too much from the overall 6 minutes. Watch up above.

Tupac ‘7Dayz’ film in the works

I’m in for more Tupac films and documentaries, especially after John Singleton left the current biopic. But there’s a new one in the works focusing on Pac’s last 7 days via Gobi Rahimi, who directed videos for 2Pac and Death Row in the 90s. Here’s his statement and crowdfunding pitch for $500K to make 7Dayz.

“I was waiting for Tupac at Club 662 in Las Vegas after the Mike Tyson fight on September 7, 1996,” Rahimi wrote on the crowdfunding site. “Soon after, I was informed by rapper Nate Dogg that Tupac and Suge Knight had been shot and taken to University Hospital. I immediately rushed there to be by Tupac’s side. This was the first of an emotional seven days that I sat guard over Tupac, who was in an induced coma, riding the line between life and death. 7Dayz is the story of my experience at the hospital amidst death threats, undercover FBI informants and an uncooperative police department.”

Donate here.

h/t Miss Info