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Various Artists “Don’t Shoot”

A la Game’s Michael Jackson tribute track (Remember that one?! Loved that one.), he recruits an incredibly big lineup of big names for a tribute to the fallen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. It naturally took a lot of time for all these artists listed above in the cover art to do their thing and yet, the song still impacts at a time when a message this big and delivered by this many big artists can really speak to the people. Can’t knock that sentiment right?

It’s hard to pick my favorite raps from this one, but I will say that TGT’s singing contribution is the perfect break between each series of verses. Keep your ears peeled.

Tank “You’re My Star”

The self proclaimed “General of R&B” returns with an uptempo feel-good anthem for the rhythm & blues lovers out there. Tank, who had a busy year promoting his joint album with Ginuwine & Tyrese under the name TGT, is prepping for the release of his 6th studio album tentatively titled “Stronger.” His last LP “This Is How I Feel” (a favorite of mine, if I might add) was released in May of 2012 to mild commercial success.

Listen to “You’re My Star” below: