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Logic ‘Under Pressure’ MTV Mini-Documentary

Today marks the release of Logic‘s long awaited debut album, ‘Under Pressure.’ To go along with the album drop, Logic and MTV have come together to create this mini-documentary where we hear from Logic, his father, and Logic’s god mother about the young MC’s tough and troubled beginnings. It’s been a long time coming and one hell of a journey for the Maryland MC. Proud to say I’ve played witness to a good amount of the journey. If you have yet to hear the album, I suggest you get on it below.



Logic “Buried Alive”

Logic has one more in store for ya before Under Pressure impacts on October 21st. It dives inside his mind of feeling “Buried Alive” with the standout highlight for me coming around the 3 minute mark when Logic ups the speed even more. Production-wise, the outro is especially cold, as overall, this has potential to grow on me within its context of the album. As you can see below: track 05.

Everything’s in your mind…

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ICYMILogic “Under Pressure” [Music Video]


Logic “Under Pressure”

Gotta admit: this wasn’t quite what I was expecting for the inevitable video to the title track/self-produced single from Logic. He and his VMG crew create a real-life Goldeneye. The entire 6 minute clip is shot in 1st person as we follow the characters through an escalating Call of Duty mission that features some entertaining twists and turns. This one appeals to the fellas since it’s every guy’s dream to be a part of a heist (amirite? A pretend heist, of course.) Without giving away too much more, except for the fact that I think that’s 6ix as the pizza guy (hah!), simply press play and enjoy the adventure. Creative concept that’s overall well-executed and perhaps makes “Under Pressure” more of a pump up song to you today than it used to be. For me, it was already that because I love the beat.

Logic’s debut album drops this month, 10.21.

Logic ‘Under Pressure’ [Tracklist]

Fresh off the social medias is the newly revealed tracklist for Logic‘s debut album, Under Pressure. You’ll notice the absence of features… will this hold up until October 21st or are they simply not included on the back cover below?

This also means that “Driving Ms. Daisy” featuring Childish Gambino will not be on the album (I remember that being a footnote at the time of its recent release), but of course the title track is and it’s been steady in my rotation since last week.


Logic “Under Pressure”

The title track new single for Logic‘s debut album is here. “Under Pressure” is a self-produced joint from the Def Jam signee and first off, Logic did right on the beat. The recurring, chopped up sample balances soulful and cutting-edge and will surely leave a resonating catchiness to any hip hop head. As for the rhymes, Logic’s distinct clarity is on full display as he seemingly doesn’t take a break between verse and hook onto the next verse. As the beat (nicely) switches, it doesn’t matter. The flow is fluid as lyrically, Logic touches on his come-up over the years and his work ethic, for a chorus that any fellow hard worker will resonate with. I wasn’t sure what to expect for Logic’s single and if he was going to go for a home run pop friendly record. Thankfully he didn’t, and it’s another good hip hop track to his catalogue. I’m noddin’ my head to this one…

*Tibs Fav.

Under Pressure — the album drops October 21st. Here’s the artwork, ICYMI.