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Wabash Lights

The Wabash Lights,” rendered above, is about to change the way we see Wabash Ave. and hopefully on a greater scale: the Chicago Loop. Local designers Jack Newell and Seth Unger envision an LED lit El Track, underneath the actual tracks to be experienced by the pedestrians and automobiles below. The lights themselves will be controlled by the user through an app that can change the colors, settings, and patterns.

And this isn’t all talk. The Wabash Lights just surpassed its $55,000 Kickstarter goal this week and a beta version for one block of tracks between Adams and Monroe will be implemented this September, according to the Chicago Tribune.

I just caught wind of the project today on CityLab so while it’s too late to donate, we can still get excited about the possibility and support the project this fall. Additional funding is estimated to be $5 million for a 5 year period and will be acquired through private and corporate investors. I’m sure the response to the beta will be strong enough to attract that and achieve the designers vision to “bridge the gap between Michigan and State.”

Watch their Kickstarter video below for more on the project, including just how cool these LED lights are.