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Mac Miller signs with Warner Bros.

When Mac Miller left Rostrum Records earlier this year, some may have raised an eyebrow about where, if anywhere, was going to be his next home. Today we get that answer as it’s been announced he has signed an astronomical $10 million dollar deal with Warner Bros. Wow.


“Warner is the most independent thinking company I met with,” Miller told The FADER in an email. “It is a partnership and now I can focus on building my label Remember through music and let them handle everything I don’t like doing. Nothing will change in how I do things.” He added: “They have Prince.”

To celebrate the signing, Mac releases some new, straight raps with, well, “Just Some Raps, Nothing to See Here, Move Along”. Some solid, personal rhymes in this one, but why Mac Miller gotta be spittin’ lies though? “Nobody wants you anymore like Drew Carey shows.” I WANT DREW CAREY SHOWS! *Jackie Chan meme*

Wu-Tang album release date, signs with Warner Bros.

Great news for fans of Wu-Tang (i.e. everybody).

Warner Bros. announced the group has signed with them for the release of their hotly anticipated album, A Better Tomorrow. It’s set to drop on December 2nd. Ghostface says it best…

“Wu-Tang Clan is excited to join the Warner family of esteemed artists. After 20 years in the business with different label outlets, we are delighted to be amongst a team of industry professionals who understand our unique artistry and will help spread it to the masses unadulterated,” the group said in a statement. “In the words of Ghostface, when it comes to being signed to Warner Bros., ‘we’re getting Bugs Bunny money.'”

And on the subject of “getting Bugs Bunny money,” the group’s secret, single-edition album, “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” – which they are auctioning off — is still up for play.

via L.A. Times