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Que Billah “Flag Of The Last Ninja”

Que Billah goes in on a freestyle to Drake’s “We Made It” in a lyrical homage to legends in his “Flag Of The Last Ninja”. More on the single below.

32 hard bars over Drakes We Made It instrumental basically a lyrical salute to Real Heroes like Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, B.I.G. & Pac. Im just trying to carry on tradition and not die b4 my time.


Drake’s New Year’s Eve Anthem

Inspired by PowerBall, NYE, and 4am itch to release new music, Drake does just that with his “New Year’s Eve Anthem” featuring Soulja Boy called “We Made It”.

Drizzy tabs his “Versace” flow for an instantly engaging set of rhymes that certainly set a celebratory mood. We get two verse from Drake and Soulja Boy doesn’t come in with his pseudo verse until the 4:30 mark. Kind of an odd collab we didn’t see coming — perhaps Drake’s co-sign here launches Soulja Boy back to some sort of relevancy close to when he blew up with “Crank Dat”.

 Also, everyone’s going to be saying “vixens” in a different type of way now.

*Tibs Fav.