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Michael Jackson “A Place With No Name”

The second video to impact from MJ’s summer posthumous album, Xscape, is for the storytelling “Place With No Name”. The melody of the chorus reeled me in initially back in May and soon after, the rest of the song’s elements did too making it one of my top-tier faves off Xscape. The video mixes in vintage behind-the-scenes dance footage of an early 90s MJ with a choreographed man and woman giving life to the story. The black and white transition to color is one of the many effects added that contribute to the modern feeling of the video. I enjoyed it and feel it does honor MJ’s legacy, so give it a look-see above.

*Tibs Fav.


MJ & JT “Love Never Felt So Good”

One day after the release of Xscape comes the new official video for Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake‘s collab “Love Never Felt So Good”. The feel-good, nostalgic single keeps growing on me and provides a new heartwarming feeling with the MJ dance tribute above. The entire video splices in classic dance moves from Michael, then emulated by Justin and a variety of fans of different ages, sizes, and styles. If this video doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, well, then I guess you’re not a dancer? It’s a fun one, enjoy!

ICYMI: Stream the full album and see my top-tier Xscape faves

Michael Jackson ‘Xscape’ [Album Stream]

Today, Michael Jackson‘s second posthumous album, Xscape, is here.

Now, I understand the skepticism you may have about posthumous tracks and the energy that comes with using unreleased vocals to fabricate songs for profit. That may have come across more on the first MJ posthumous album, Michael, but I can look past that on Xscape because the 8 tracks are in good hands with frequent MJ collaborators Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and John McClain at the helm, in addition to a couple of big-time producers in Timbaland and StarGate. The bonus to Xscape is that the deluxe version contains the original versions of all 8 tracks. Those should appeal to any MJ fan no matter your feelings on posthumous albums.

As you run through the album, keep note of my *Tibs Favs. In fact, every preview in the last week earned my approval — the JT-featured “Love Never Felt So Good”, “Chicago”, “Blue Gangsta”, and the title track “Xscape” — and joining that top tier of records is “A Place With No Name”. I particularly love the melody of the hook and the StarGate production grew on me to make that song the one I’ve had on repeat the most this weekend.

In general, the album impressively boasts a Michael Jackson whose rhythms, melodies, and layered vocals (see: “Chicago”) are all on point. These aren’t just throwaway tracks; rather, Xscape is a collection that brings MJ to the forefront and a contemporary yet throwback sound that matches the time period of the recorded vocals (said to be pre-1999). I applaud the efforts from all parties involved and would highly suggest Xscape to even the most skeptical MJ fan. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson “Xscape” (prod. Darkchild)

Chart-topping single alert! Here’s your daily dose of MJ‘s upcoming posthumous album, Xscape, and it’s the upbeat title track produced by longtime collaborator Darkchild. Like the three releases below, I’m diggin’ this one. Just so feel-good. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one gets pushed above the JT collab for mainstream radio. Something to keep your eyes and ears on. Be ahead of the curve below.

*Tibs Fav.

Song since removed.

ICYMI: “Blue Gangsta”“Chicago” | “Love Never Felt So Good” f/ Justin Timberlake

Michael Jackson “Blue Gangsta” (prod. Timbaland)

One more preview of the upcoming posthumous Michael Jackson album, Xscape, is another standout as “Blue Gangsta” can be heard below, produced by Timbaland.

This one stands out amongst “Love Never Felt So Good” and “Chicago” because of the infectious rhythm of MJ’s vocals and even the dark mood that comes with it. It’s not ‘Weeknd dark mood’ but darker for MJ at least. I loved this on first listen and will have this, and the rest of the album, on download ASAP. May 13th, so I won’t have to wait much longer.

*Tibs Fav.

Song since removed.