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Krewella hints at new music, plans to fight Rain Man lawsuit

Krewella’s silence since the top of October when the trio-now-duo’s former DJ/producer Rain Man sued sisters Jahan & Yasmine Yousaf is now over.

Rain Man’s lawsuit on the sisters was for a whopping $5 million and put his former groupmates in a terrible light for alleged mistreatment. Yasmine wrote a heartfelt open letter to her fans saying they couldn’t yet share their side of the story due to the legal mess, but appreciated the support and those who didn’t rush to judgment.

That was review. Now on Sunday, it looks like Yazzy & Jahan are speaking out… because it says so on their Twitter. I’ma tune in.

They are also fighting the lawsuit with a counter-suit of their own against Rain Man deeming his actions were “grossly negligent” and he had “violated his duty of care to Krewella Music LLC.” More details, including a claim that Kris was “pretending to DJ”, are here.

Adding to the intrigue was their updated profile pictures on social media yesterday. The Krew went all-black with this first square image, cleverly reading “Say Goodbye” (clean! Turn up the brightness on your screen if you are lost…) and perhaps debuting a new logo.



However it turns out, I know it’ll be for the best and we at Gowhere sincerely extend our support for peace between parties and fulfillment in their music careers and lives. We remember the Krew from the beginning here in Chicago so no doubt this turn of events was heart-wrenching for us and their legions of fans alike.

Ending things on a lighthearted/happy note, I discovered this GIF while searching for an image of Yazzy and Jahan, ha!

Krewella “We Are One (Nomero Remix)”

Late pass but it’s too good not to leave it off this weekend’s playlists. One of Krewella‘s most influential records, “We Are One”, got this nifty remix by Nomero out of the U.K. — winning a Krewella remix competition late last year. The production before the vocals come in, especially immediately before, is especially on point.

And if I’m not mistaken, the Krew rocks this version during their live sets as it has a familiarity to me after seeing them as one of the Lollapalooza headliners last month. Whatever the case, this is a dope energetic twist on the already energetic single and it’s better late than never. Listen and enjoy tonite, tomorrow nite, and beyond..!

*Tibs Fav.

Almost forgot! To our lovely Vegas readers, I’m sure you’ve seen the billboards along The Strip, but if you haven’t… tomorrow (Saturday) night’s the nite… Krewella @ Light.


Krewella 6.8.10

I love hearing the success stories from the artists themselves, more specifically when they reflect on the one moment they went for it all. For Krewella, that moment was on 6.8.10 – the day they decided to quit their jobs and put everything they had into Krewella. All three have since gotten the date tatooed (seen below), but I didn’t know some of the details about the date and decision that they revealed in the video above. For instance, it was the day after Yasmine graduated high school. Watch and see their story, as documented and well-edited by their in-house director Miles Evert. Comic relief provided by Rain Man at the beginning and end, ha!

Yasmine, Rain Man, & Jahan’s 6.8.10 tattoos

Krewella “Human” LIVE f/ Charlie Kim

“Human” is probably the most emotional song by Chicago trio Krewella. In fact, if you caught the official music video to the Get Wet single, eliminate the word ‘probably’ in that last sentence (I gotchu below, if you didn’t).

Now adding to the case is an official live acoustic version of “Human” featuring Charlie Kim on guitar and the Krewella fans on background vocals. Seriously, what a harmonious mix of Jahan, Yasmine, and the fans singing note for note that creates a moment that we can feel just watching it through the computer screen (or iPhone. Whattup mobile users?).

I can only imagine the experience in person. Watch above and also treat yourself to some intimate visuals of the performance to appropriately match, shot once again by Rory Kramer (is that a GoPro on the guitar? Nice.) Enjoy!


ICYMI: Krewella “Party Monster” [Music Video] (BTS)

Krewella “Party Monster” (BTS)

Krewella dropped this cool behind the scenes look at the “Party Monster” video as videographer Rory Kramer cuts up scenes from their nighttime Hollywood Hills shoot (where Yasmine holds a rattlesnake?!) with the next day’s shots of professional drivers drifting around the Krew. The sisters show their personality in this one that’s filled with wonderfully shot footage (like the GoPros on the drifts) presented by TH3RD Brain Management.

ICYMI: Watch the final product! Krewella “Party Monster” [Music Video]