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Krewella “Party Monster”

Filmed a music video in LA with some of our amazing homies ๐Ÿ™‚

Just in time for the weekend, we see Krewella in their second home, bringing the gore to their EDM jump up and down hit “Party Monster”. There are some dark scenes with the sisters covered in bloody makeup mixed with a few concluding scenes in a dirt desert, complete with some cinematic dirt biking. Get ready for the weekend with this high-octane feel-good anthem from our amazing homies ๐Ÿ™‚

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Unrelated: First time I hooked up the on-board Wi-Fi making the Krew my first post > 10,000 feet in the air…

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Krewella x NBA Jam Session

Jam Session has been a staple in my life ever since I can remember. That’s because NBA Inside Stuff was pretty much a Saturday morning staple forย any NBA fan in the 90s. With the show returning this season, all the segments have a modern twist, including Jam Session. This week’s edition matches one of my favorite pop singles from the hometown Krew, “Enjoy The Ride”, with highlights of LeBron’s career high amongst the week’s coolest dunks, jumpers, and blocks. Jahan and Yasmine even Skype in to intro Jam Session. The scenes are from their new video for “Enjoy The Ride”, which dropped earlier this week.

ICYMI: Krewella “Enjoy The Ride” [Music Video]

Krewella “Enjoy The Ride”

Our favorite homegrown trio is all-new with a video for the new single “Enjoy The Ride”. The Get Wet standout was remixed last week by Armin van Buuren, as now the original gets a completely new twist with the story cinematically told above. Krewella looks over a fantasy traveling circus world that follows one of the female performers as she tries to break free from the cage. I appreciate the art here because it took the normal images you would associate to the song, but added a complex, odd, emotional story to give the song another interpretation. Gorgeous shots from the beginning and throughout too with the Krew lookin’ sharp in all-black everything.

*Tibs Fav.

ICYMI: The Armin van Buuren Remix

Krewella announces spring college tour

A couple of my favorite artists are going on tour this Spring: Krewella is headlining the Verge Campus Spring Tour with Def Jam’s Logic as one of the openers. I’m initially surprised at the mix of the two artists, but not as much when I remember that I know there are mutual links between both camps and that they share a similar college demographic of a fan base. If I’m near a college campus, I’m definitely checking this tour out. Look out for an update when the tour dates are officially announced.

Krewella x Bud Light Super Bowl

The big looks for Chicago EDM group Krewella continue with their feature in Bud Light’s series of Super Bowl ads! If you missed it, the Bud Light campaign was centered on surprising a lucky fan who was tweeting at them with extravagant VIP experiences. The one that ran during the game brought a fan to play ping pong with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This one treats a lucky fan and guests of the nightlife spot she’s at with a surprise performance from Krewella. The cameras follow the Krew off the bus and onto the stage where “Enjoy The Ride” is highlighted in the one minute spot. Watch above!