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Yeezus Christmas Album

What can be better than Yeezus on Christmas?!

Though it’s about a 100% chance that Yeezus the album is not a family-appropriate soundtrack tonight or tomorrow, this version of Yeezus might actually be.

Comedy trio ‘Local Business Comedy’ cooked up some new vocals and holiday-themed lyrics for a new version of the album titled Kreezus. Have some fun with this one. I started shaking my head and smiling upon the first few moments of “Lights on the Trees”.


The origin of the “New Slaves” beat

Want to hear the origin of “New Slaves”? The iconic production started with a song titled “Cruel Cold Winter” (love the title), submitted by previous Kanye collaborator and producer Benjamin Bronfman.

Today, in alignment with an interview with Rolling Stone, Bronfman revealed the story of how his song got picked up to become the first splash of Yeezus in the summer of ’13.

“I heard that they were working on a follow-up to [2012’s G.O.O.D. Music LP] Cruel Summer,” says Bronfman. “So I was just kind of riffing.”

He sent “Cruel Cold Winter” plus seven or eight other beats to West, who was recording in Paris. And then: total radio silence. “I didn’t hear a fucking thing,” Bronfman says with a laugh. Their next contact didn’t come until May 15th, 2013, at West’s Adult Swim Upfronts performance at Roseland Ballroom in New York: “I got word, like, ‘One of your tracks made it. It’s ill. Come to the show, we’ll talk about it there.'”

Dope, head-nodding vibes below as the title and sound itself does indeed create a similar mood to “Coldest Winter”, which was completely gone in the final product.

Ray Fiasco “100 Covers For Kanye” [Art]


London creative Ray Fiasco unveils his project ‘100 Covers For Kanye’ which was primarily inspired by YEEZUS, but also the project was started in an attempt to highlight the importance of album artwork. More of Ray Fiasco’s work can be viewed over at http://asylum33.tumblr.com/ which is the official website Asylum 33 a creative agency Ray is a part of. Look out for more music and fashion photography from Ray Fiasco in the future. Head over to http://100coversforkanye.com/ to view the project in full.

Ray Fiasco twitter – @RayFiasco

Yeezus Film Poster

After a breathtaking trailer a few months ago, mum has been the word on the upcoming Yeezus Film. But today is the release of the poster above, which SPIN notes may reveal a couple more details.

For instance, Kanye West and close collaborator, ‘American Psycho’ author Bret Easton Ellis are collaborating on this film. There is also casting, which indicates Ellis may have wrote a script (the two have been said to working together on one) and that the film may be more than a tour doc like the trailer indicates. We shall see… and with Kanye, expect the unexpected.